thread: how do you do groceries?

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    Dec 2005

    how do you do groceries?

    just wondering how do you get the groceries done with a toddler and a baby? DH, DD1 and i used to all go together. we tried doing them with the 4 of us and it just doesnt work. i cant go with the two kids, if i go it would have to be with DD2 but then i would have to stop to breastfeed or settle a crying baby whcih wouldnt work. i spose i could get DH to go by himself, but then i like to choose what to get. argh, its hard!

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    Apr 2008

    I like to do the shopping so I left DD with DP this morning. I went as soon as the shops opened so that I got a park and got in and out quickly. I had a list so i knew what to get. Can DH stay at home and watcht the kidlets for a little while for you?

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    Jan 2006

    I send DH out to do a big shop on the weekend and take DS1 so I get some time alone with DS2. I also like to choose the fruit in particular and during the week I'll often pop into the shops for bread or milk or fruit etc, but only as much as I can carry in a basket without having to get a trolley. On the rare occasion I've taken them both for a big shop by myself I'll put DS2 in the baby bjorn, DS1 in the trolley with a fruit bun and try to get through it as quick as I can!

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    Dec 2008

    I used to go with DH after he finished work in between feeds.

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    May 2007
    Newcastle NSW

    Um, shop at wollies online and get them to deliver it?!?

    Or leave DD1 at home with DH and take DD2 with you in a sling where hopefully he will be settled in it enough to let you do the shop.

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    Jun 2006
    In the middle of Pink and Blue!!!

    We are CRAZY all FIVE of us go together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 2005

    i dont think i could leave DD2 for a long period of time yet, we are demand breastfeeding. i might try it with just the two of us and see how it goes, maybe after she has had a feed and then is sleepy.. hopefully! :-)

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    Oct 2006

    I have a list on the go the whole week and add things as I think of them. It is split into shops ie coles, aldi, butcher, greengrocer, deli. DH takes the list and our toddler on a Saturday morning and comes back a few hours later with everything done.

    This is working relly well for us. They spend some fun time together burning around in the trolley and I sstay home with our baby either doing housework, feeding/playing or sleeping in...

    To begin with I was writing rice, brand, size, type, color of packet etc to make sure he got what I wanted and also received quite a few calls from the supermarket! Now DH knows what brands etc I want so it's a lot easier. I pop up during the week to get anything that was missed.

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    When DD was really young, I would go with her in the Ergo, and she would usually nap whilst I was doing it. DS stayed home with DH

    Now DH watches both the kids, and I go alone on a saturday morning. I like the peace and quiet.

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    May 2008

    I understand where you are coming from...

    DS1 is in day care on a tuesday so from dropping him off i go straight to the grocery store. DS2 is fairly well behaved, you just have to time when you go as to when they shouldn't need a feed. I've never had a problem really he sleeps through shopping. DH has been getting our fruit and veg of a sunday morning for us and taking DS1 with him so that's one less thing i need to try and do with the kiddies.

    I tired the online shop but things were too expensive.

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    Jun 2005

    Ive been shopping online (coles) now for about 6 months......i love the ease and convenience of it all.....i also find my meal planning is down tact - coz i have the time on the PC to check and re-check my shopping list. Although in saying all that, i am finding im spending $360-400 a fortnight on food and i really think i can cut it down....soooo tomorrow im going to attempt, at 35 weeks pregnant, a 5, 3 and 1 yr old in my shadow to go to Franklins and do the grocery shop....yer.......i crazy.

    My Dh works shiftwork and does a second no two weeks are the same.If tomorrows bill is dramatically decreased, i will prob start doing my food shopping at night, around 6pm, DH can feed and put girls to bed.

    I used to ALWAYS go food shopping when i just had 2 children....but 3.....its a mighty challenge.
    Good luck !!

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    Jan 2008
    Melbourne VIC

    I put DS2 in the baby trolley and DS1 in the trolley with a bun, and just pile the shopping in around him

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    SugarDust Guest

    I do the shop either by myself or with DS3

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    Aug 2006
    Our house, in the middle of our street

    I have now started coles on-line shopping. They bring it to my door - and the kids often help me pack it away. I love it - takes a bit of getting used to, but you can still get all of the specials etc.
    When my oldest 2 were younger, I used the double trolley, but always made sure i had my baby bjorn ready to go as well.

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    Mar 2007

    Before DH went away and then I was put on bed rest I would go out on a Thursday night and leave DH home with the girls. When this little one arrives I will go with just her and take the capsule and my sling so that I can BF on the way around if I need to. When we have worked out her routine it will be easier to leave her home and go when I know she is unlikely to need a feed. The older 2 are a PITA in the supermarket though.

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    You know, I've never had an issue with it and because I'm out of town its a half hr trip before I even get there. I would make sure bubs was fed before leaving for town, then I knew I had at least 3hrs before they were hungry again so I would wizz around town paying bills etc and doing all the other things I had to do, give bubs a quick top up and then hit the supermarket. In the early days with #2 there were a few times where I was in the middle of the supermarket and she would be hungry so I would stop and feed her - there was usually always a footstool in one of the aisles so I would grab that (cause the day I shopped was the day they did shelf packing) sit down and feed her and just talk to #1 while he was in the trolley. We'd talk about all the stuff on the shelves or sing rhymes until #2 was finished and then away we go again. It was probably a real sight for anyone else to see us doing it LOL, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Even now I will take all 4 of them and it's fine. It's about being organised though and most of the time I do it with just the youngest while the other 3 are at school and preschool and I pack a frozem yoghurt and some bikkies so he stays happy.