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Thread: How to keep a 2yr old in bed??

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    Default How to keep a 2yr old in bed??

    Hi All

    We need some ideas to keep our lovely little monster in her new bed at night. She loves the bed and wants to go into it every night but as soon as we leave the room comes happily strutting down the hallway!!

    At the moment our philosophy is 2 strikes and then back to the cot for the night and when she comes out we dont talk to her just to say "back to bed" and then walk her down to her room.

    Any ideas? We are not in a desperate hurry so have time to take it easy.

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    When we transferred Aidyn to his big bed, we spent nearly a month of nights lying on the cot mattress on the floor next to his bed until he fell asleep.

    Then after those few weeks, we stopped staying on the floor, but he still kept coming out, so we would just repeatedly put him back into his bed... over and over. It took about two weeks, and then all of a sudden he learnt to self settle - he still comes out maybe 3 or 4 times - but it is a HUGE difference compared to coming out 20 or 30 times like he previously had been!


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