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Thread: How long does it take?

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    Red face How long does it take?

    Today i went to my mothers group and was telling them that Joshua is showing teething symptoms but no teeth have come out yet, so one of the mums had a little look and sure enough i saw white lumps on the gums trying to break through! I couldnt believe it, they were not there yesterday!It is so clear... poor bub his eye teeth are breaking through first! So how long do you think until they break out?

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    My son Declans eye teeth started coming through about a month ago, adn they are still not fully out yet. They take time, but they get there... He didnt cut his first teeth until he was 1, he's 2 in march and he's only got 8 of them... less to bit me with!

    They will slowly descend, in their own time!


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    Charlie cut his first teeth at 9 months and they took about 3 weeks to cut through properly and then only a few days to look like normal teeth.......

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    Default long does it take?

    It depends on the age of the child. My daughter had to have a baby tooth pulled (root and all) when she was almost five years old because of an accident where she rammed it back up into her gums. This was an upper front tooth. She was a bit early in getting her permanent teeth so she only had a tooth missing for a year. In some children that can be as late as the age of eight or nine before the permanent tooth comes in. Another thing I'd like to mention is in some children, the dentist decides to put in a spacer for the permanent tooth when that child looses a baby tooth too soon.

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    or it could be really quick.
    I was really surprised on day to see a top front tooth of Darcys. Two weeks later i was feeding her (she was nearly 11 months at the time) and the spoon 'clinked' on more and one tooth....had a look and we had 11!!!
    She went from no teeth at 10months to 16 at 1.

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