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    Is it normal for FF babies to only do a poo every 2 days? I have recenly weaned Tori so she is having all formula, and i have just started her on solids. I wonder if she is constipated or whether this is normal? Any Ideas?

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    I think as long as they are going and their poos are soft and not hard little pebbles there is no problem. Danielle was like that for ages on formula but she wasn't grump like she needed to go more often and the MCHN said it was fine. Now she's on 2 meals a day of solids, 4 formula bottles and 1 water bottle per day I'm finding she's going more often - especially with spinach and green beans!

    As I said as long as she's not grumpy because she is constipated and is still going and it's soft I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Jesse is FF and usually does a poo each day, sometimes every 2 days.
    His poos can range in consistancies from slightly runny to playdough looking. From what i read theyre suppose to be like the playdough ones when FF. Also read that it is normal for some babies to only poo every 10 days, so i think as long as her poos arent too hard then shes fine.

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