thread: How many wipes per day?

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    Nov 2003

    How many wipes per day?

    Hi girls,

    How many wipes per day would you say you'd use for a newborn bub?

    We recently found out we need to take our own wipes to the hospital when bubs is born. We're planning on using cloth wipes but don't want the hassle of being stuck in hospital for several days without washing facilities so we'll need to take some disposable ones. We really don't want to use the harsh chemical-y wipes you get from the shops so we're going to try some of the aromababy ones. We're just not sure how many we'll need!


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    Aug 2003
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    Angel I took Aromababy wipes with me to the hospital. But I ended up sending DB out to buy some huggies wipes. The Aromababy ones are so small and flimsy and just didn't do the job. I was the same as you when it came to using harsh chemicals on Alana. Unfortunately I have found there have been certain things that just didn't do the job that were natural, like the wipes and bum creams.

    If you do take the Aromababy wipes take several containers. But you may have more success. Due to Alana's CF, she had/has toxic poo!LOL!

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    I'd use at least 3 wipes for each change, maybe 4 for poo. So 6-8 changes a day and those first few pooh are doozies. Might need a big handful LMAO. So roughly 20-30 wipes per day. Then I used them for other stuff as well, like chuck around the mouth, dirty face/hands etc.

    We took our own as well. Our hospital did give us a small trial pack of stuff though that had like 5 nappies in it and small pack of wipes and sachets of baby wash etc.


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    Angel........check with the hospital though, about laundry facilities. I am not sure how common it is, but in the hospital I was in they provided cloth nappies and cloth wipes and a big bucket for all soiled stuff to go in and took it away daily to be laundered, and re-stocked you with a pile more cloth wipes (just hemmed cloth nappy squares) and cloth nappies. (You didn't get your own back, so I just used theirs whilst we were in hospital).

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    Melinda Guest

    Gee that's a tough question, but in short, HEAPS! LOL As Kat said, those first fee poos are absolute doozies. Very tar-like, I'm sure you could pave a road out of it! LOL

    We have always used the non-fragrance variety of the Huggies wipes and have found them to be fairly good as they are thick and we haven't experienced any problems in relation to them affecting his skin (which is prone to small patches of eczema as you know).

    If you were to take disposable wipes, definitely go for the non-fragranced ones to start with.....our Pedeatrician told us to avoid fragranced things (he said this even before the eczema showed) as babies skin is so much more sensitive than ours and you want to avoid doing anything that may cause any irritation.

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    Oct 2003
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    We got free wipes in the bounty bag and I bought a small huggies container and that was all I used in hospital. Our hospital had cloth ones available and cotton wool to use as well... they also had laundry facilities.

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    Feb 2004

    we were using warm water and cotton balls for the 1st day in hospital as the hospital provided these, however, we switched to Huggies unscented wipes and these are much better - as Kathryn said, can use up to 4 per change and they have loads of changes, so take heaps!

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    Jul 2004
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    I made the misatake of only bringing one of those tiny Huggies containers to the hospital, so quickly had to send DP home to get more! We probably used about half of one of the large Huggies containers of wipes through our 3 day hospital stay.
    I also used the unscented Huggies wipes, and they were fine on his skin and didn't irritate it at all.

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks for all the info guys! We might give a container of the aromababy ones a go but have some huggies wipes on hand as well.