thread: How to move from 3 to 2 naps?

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    Mar 2008
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    How to move from 3 to 2 naps?

    So Peter has started FDC one day a week, and today was his third time. I took him along and told my very lovely FDC lady that I would like him to come home for his last nap, so if he was tired earlier than the time to pick him up, she should call me. She, albeit very nicely, said that at this age (10 months) he really should/could be on two naps a day. I feel like I've heard this from a few places, so I wanted your guys thoughts.

    Peter's general schedule is to be be up for 2 hours then down for 1, therefore having 3 one hour naps a day. He's always been a short napper- 1 hour is a vast improvement on the 40 minute naps he always used to take. His awake time has gradually stretched out- used to be he couldn't be awake more than 1.5 hours, now its usually 2. But beyond that, unless we are out and he is distracted, he gets pretty ratty and is clearly ready for bed.

    I know at some point they move to less naps.....but how? When? Am I supposed to lead it or is he?

    There is the odd day where he will drop a sleep- seem tired, but just refuse a nap (making him EXHAUSTED by the evening!). I just kind of thought once he started to do this more, I would try to permanently drop a sleep, but it doesn't seem like this will be anytime too soon.

    Just wondering if I "should" be doing something, like maybe he is only napping so much out of habit?

    It is usual for a 10 month old to only be up for 2 hours before needing to sleep?

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    I think if things are working for you the way they are, why change it.
    DD1 decided on her own when she wanted to cut down naps, she just stopped sleeping for the 3rd one so we put her second one a little later. I'd wait til he is ready.

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    completely agree with shell!!
    do what suits you guys not what someone feels is best your his mummy and know him best, i think DD was still having 3 at that age too

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    DD started to drop hers at 7 months -so she has 2.

    She wouldn't go down for her nap in late arvo so I moved the 8.30am to 9.30 and then she sleeps for usually 1.5 hours - then goes again at 2.30 for about an hour

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. Bub will stop to drop it when ready. My son sometimes has 3, sometimes 2. I find though when he only has two he passes out straight after dinner & that's it for him for the night.

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    I agree with the other posts too. We just had the exact same thing happen. Some "advice" given by a few organisations told me my DS should be only having 2 day sleeps but they didn't ask how long he sleeps for. He is a 45 minute man, an hour if I'm lucky and hence, he needs 3 sleeps a day. I spent 2 weeks forcing him to have 2 sleeps and he stopped smiling and was miserable and so was I. I have gone back to listening to DS and my instincts and he has 3 sleeps a day, sometimes only 2 if he wakes up late.

    I am returning to work in a month and am terrified of putting him in childcare for this very reason. I don't want someone stipulating what is right or wrong for my son and I fear they will force him to have only one or two sleeps.

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    Powelly, my son was born on exactly the same day as yours!

    Thank you everyone for your advice. We tried the last few days to go for 2 naps and, like Powelly said, it ended up with a fairly grumpy little man. It seems so cruel to keep him up when he is clearly tired! And for what, really?

    I suspect we are at the very beginning of the transition from 3 naps to 2, and that while we transition for the next couple months, I will kind of need to play each day as it comes- some days 2 naps will be ok, some days he will need 3. Eventually the 2 nap days will increase and then take over. Is that how others have done it?