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Thread: How Old When Holding Own Bottle

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    Question How Old When Holding Own Bottle

    Hi all,

    Just wondering how old your bubbas/toddlers were when they held there own bottle to have there milk etc.

    My Dd prefers me to hold it and only a few times she will hold it herself! It is driving me nuts to be honest as i am due to have another and i want her to be holding her own bottle/sippy cup etc herself before number 2 comes along!

    I think it is more of a comfort thing and likes mummy to do it for her for some reason not sure but i have seen her do it herself a couple of times and encourage her and she gets all excited......

    Any ideas or what 's the usual age that they should be holding there own cups,bottles etc to drink out of independently!


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    My DS took forever!! All my friends babies were holding them around 12 months, DS was 18 months. He was quick to do everything else, but he must have really loved that bonding time (actually, I did too, now I miss it!!).

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    I started bottlefeeding DS at 6 months, so I held it until he got used to it, but after about 2-3 months he wouldn't let me hold it anymore. If I try to do it now (he still has 1 bottle at night) he grabs my hand amd moves it away.

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    Marley was about 6mths when she could hold hers and I found the avent handles really helped her. She is now 10 mths old and will always hold it by herself..typical stubborn girl LOL!

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    DD starting holding hers at around 10 months.

    DS starting about a week before he turned 6 months and we've never had to hold it since.

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    hey jen, a girlfriend of mine has a 2 yr old, who still won't hold the bottle himself! How does she go with a sippy cup, or a normal cup?

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