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Thread: How to stop him.....

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    Default How to stop him.....

    Okay how do i get DS to stop doing something that he shouldnt be?

    I have tried saying stop and then taking him away from whatever it is and giving him a toy to distract him.

    an example being the fire place, its not going but would like him to learn to stay away (there is a fire guard around it) before winter. So if he goes to it i say stop, say its hot and then take him away and give him a toy, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

    My issue at the moment is my prescription glasses, he tries to grab them constantly, i understand that he is curious but he scratches my face and eyes when he does it too. First i continued with stop, you dont touch mummy's glasses. It didnt work. He knows what no is as if i say ethan no (mostly when he is about to do something dangerous) he sometimes stops but not when it comes to the glasses I say no you cant touch mummys glasses and put his hand away from them but he just looks at me and keeps going, i have tried different tones of voice, and i have also said after 10 times or so so of this i put him down and say off you go and play, but he cries and when i pick him up we go through it again. What can i do? Or do i just keep going with this?

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    hmmm I have no idea! I just wanted to give you a and say good luck!

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    Um, we just "no, Hot!" with DD1 and she got understood, eventually. The other thing that was helpful was I taped a boundary line around the heater that she wasn't to cross. That was helpful because it sort of created a second barrier.

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    Oh how annoying, cleaning your glasses every five minutes due to litte fingerprints

    We had this issue as well & it just takes a little time & consistency. The first time I woud say no & move his hand away, explaining that he's not allowed to touch mummy's glasses. The second time I would do the same but adding on, if you touch mumy's glasses again you will have to go on the floor. The third time he would go on the floor. Nine times out of ten it would cause a tantrum & I would get down on the floor & explain, "mummy told you not to touch her glasses & that you would have to go on the floor if you did it again didn't she?" When he calms down then you can pick him up again, I wouldn't do it during the tantrum because he'll just think he can cry to get what he wants.

    The next problem is, do you warn him before you pick him up, "please don't touch mummy's glasses or I will have to put you on the floor." Or will that give him the idea LOL! strugged with that one & decided it wasn't worth it cos it would remind him before he had the chance to think about it himself! After a few times it got to the point where he was reaching for them & I would just have to say "Aah. What happens if you touch mummy's glasses?" and he would stop.

    Just stay consistent & he will get the message

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