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    Hi, DS is 15mnths old, and is so full on, just does not stop.. so many people when we go somewhere, they will say " wow, dont u have a little active one" now that he is walking, he is from one thing to another,. pointing at everything, only says a few words, but loves to point, and babble.. does all this sound normal.. i was out this morn, and once again, got the comment " wow, he just doesnt sit still for a moment" i know its to early for any thing serious, well i hope.. but is this normal, for a toddler to be go go go!!!! but then he will let me read a book to him, but like only half dozen pages, then he is gone.. also needs me close to him all the time.. if i leave the room, screams..

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    Both my little boys are on the go from dawn until dusk. I think that most toddlers are.
    I get the comments too about how busy they are and how they won't stay still.
    15 months is a really common time to have acute seperation anxiety, it will settle down. 6 weeks ago Imran would scream the house down every morning when DH went to work and cry when we left his brother at CC but now he waves bye-bye happily.
    It seems to be a bit cyclical, I think he's torn between wanting to assert his independance and being a bit scared of being seperated from us.
    Both my boys are great pointers, I usually interprate it as a request for more information so I'll name the object and tel them as much as I can about it.

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    thanks, nice to know, there are others with very very non stop toddlers..

    yeah, the pointing thing, is non stop,. seems to prefer to point, then actually speak.. oh well, hoping the speaking will pick up soon & the hypo quieten down a bit.

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    Sounds normal to me!
    Does he drink toddler formula? As that can send them a bit hypo though as its full of sugar.

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