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Thread: I know newborns cry a lot but ....

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    12 weeks you say ?? ..... 9 weeks to go!.. I should get a ticker " 9 weeks until my baby stops crying so much " hehe

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    Enigma - I've found that the stressful times when they are happening feel like they'll never end and you dread it going forever, and how will you cope etc etc. But then all of a sudden you're actually looking back at it, and you realise it was a it growth spurt, or something that unsettled them for a few days, and it's all better!

    I had prepared myself mentally & emotionally for it being tough the first few months. Tallon actually followed my timetable very well! LOL. He started sleeping much better at 3 months. Up until then, he was still waking for feeds throughout the night.

    I wouldn't say it's been tough, but there were some times in there that it felt a bit overwhelming, and you start wondering whether what you're doing is right. But seriously, my advice for anyone now, is to just 'go with it'. Learn about your baby, and respond to her needs. It's very rewarding to have a happy, content baby

    You're doing a great job trying to comfort her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it

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    Definitely agree - surrender to it, go with the flow and remember at all times that it will pass. Don't count down to the end of the phase, or you may be disappointed that another one has started. Elijah got 4 eye teeth at once and was hysterical, I was so pleased that he was almost done but the crying never stopped. I was a mess, I was ready to do anything, and before I had lost my mind, I saw 4 molars cutting. That must have been such a hard time for him, having four come through then another 4 straight away. There is always a valid reason for their upset spells, so if you can realise that there is something wrong and there is not necessarily something you can do apart from comfort them, it makes it so much easier. Oh and check out 'The Wonder Weeks' which is brilliant - about phases, when they are and ways you can help.
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    Hi girls,

    I have / had the same problem with DD. I got a book called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, How to calm, connect and communicate with your baby.

    It has a section on body language. As Kelly said I think that is the key for babies this age. I would recommend this as it has helped me so much.

    Someone suggested the Brauer 'colic relief' this is brilliant. I also use Infants Friend. Also in case of reflux try elevating her whilst feeding and try to feed so she has her left side down (this helps keep the milk in the stomach). Also elevate the cot / bassinette. I put a pillow on the change table so she is elevated there as well and that has made the biggest difference.

    The other thing I learnt is that babies don't start to 'remember' until about 9 weeks so you can cuddle her to sleep until then or beyond if you choose to do that. The other settling technique that the baby whisperer suggested is the pick up put down. Put baby down to sleep awake. When she cries pick her up and comfort her. When she is settled put her back. This way she is not crying herself to sleep, she is still learning to put herself to sleep but also getting comfort from mummy at the same time. Again this worked for me and DD pretty much settles on her own now.

    Good luck - it does end

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