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Thread: I love this website!!

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    Thumbs up I love this website!!

    Hi guys,

    Im still fairly new here but i just wanted to say how much i love this website.

    The wealth of knowledge, experience and support is incredible. A big thank you to the people who have shared their advice and experiences with me so far.

    Im so happy and grateful that i stumbled upon BellyBelly! Thank you!!

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    it is fantastic isn't it, it has helped me through some very stressful traumatic times, without Belly belly i don't know how i would have gotten through those times

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    I found it especially good when pg. Everyone was answering my questions and I was able to read other people's posts and say "yeah, I have that too. Wow! I'm not abnormal!".

    Just a great website. I recommend it to all my pg friends and friends with kids.

    Mum's need time out and this is a great website to do that.

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