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    Sep 2004


    I came home from the doctors today after having discussions on Oscar's immunisations. it has taken me this long to research it all (There has been so much more research since my first two 7 and 10 years ago) and come to a decision about how and when we will have his immunisation. when i spoke to the doctor i was surprised that she actually agreed with my thinking and is happy to break up the different immunisations so to decrease the risk of overloading his immune system. i'm just wondering if anyone else has immunised this way of having one lot of immunisation waiting 2 weeks then another etc.... so Oscar will be fully immunised but it will just take longer.


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    Jul 2004
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    For Aidyns 12 month immunisations he was due to have his MMR, hib, and pnuemococcal vaccinations...
    We had them done over 2 seperate appts, rather than all at once. We kept the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) seperate and had the hib and pnuemococcal done at the same time.

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    Yep we have done this as well. We have broken up vaccinations with a month in between and it has taken longer, but we are all much happier with this.

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    Our next vacinations are 12 month. We will be breaking them up into 2 seperate appointments. Can anyone tell me what was the time between appointments.

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    Sep 2004

    bec my doctor suggested 2-4 weeks

    HTH beckles