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Thread: Immunisation debate

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    What an interesting topic! This has been a very informative and thought provoking read. Personally, I am all for immunisations and wouldn't even consider not immunising....but a number of comments i have read have certainly made me think about when is the best time to give the vaccines and i will be doing further research on this. It is true that some vaccinations wear off, it is also true that some people don't build up adequate immunity from the vaccination and can still contract the disease/illness.....this happened to me....i was vaccinated against pertussis as a child but contracted the illness when i was 15 years old. I don't know if the vaccine wore of over time or if i was unlucky but i do have to wonder that if i hadn't been vaccinated, could i have contracted the illness when i was younger? Believe me, at age 15 you remember what it was like and it was very scary - not being able to get a breath, there was many a time where i thought i was going to pass out due to lack of oxygen - much to my mothers distress, but I was 15 and I knew that i had to fight to overcome the cough and breath or that is what would happen. Would a 3 year old know to do this? I don't know but it scared me half to death and if there is anyway possible that I could prevent or reduce the risk of my child getting this particular illness, along with all the others, then i will do whatever i need to do. We are lucky to live in the environment and with the conditions that we have - clean water, nutritious food and great health care, but it is immunisations in combination with this that have led to terrible diseases being removed from this country - eg. small pox, polio. As has been mentioned, there are diseases in other countries that we in australia are lucky enough not to have to worry about - due to vaccination - but if people stopped being vaccinated and then someone came to australia with this disease OR a non vaccinated person went to another country contracting the disease and then came back to australia, this could be passed onto other non vaccinated people and then the disease comes back into australia - I really hope that this doesn't happen. Definitely a topic that being informed allows an appropriate decision to be made....Now where to find all the information i want....

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    We had great difficulty with this issue. Most things I'm pretty opinionated about (to put it politely!), but I was definitely a vaccination vacillator. I'd talk to one person and thing "yep. you'd have to be mad not to immunise" then I'd read or hear another person and come away thinking "no way am I going to let them do this to my child!". In the end we have had most of them. The Hep B at birth we declined because the biggest risk factor at this age is being in hospital, so home birthed children are pretty safe to wait until 2 months or whenever as long as there's no particular reason to think they're going to be exposed. The chicken pox we declined mainly because dh and I both remember having chicken pox and it wasn't what I'd call a serious illness. I understand from my research that it is more liable to be serious as you get older, so if the kids haven't had it naturally by the time they hit high school, we will let them decide whether they'd like to be immunised then.
    I still feel very ambivalent about the whole thing. I didn't like taking my children for their shots, I felt that sticking a metal tube full of chemicals into a 2 month old who has had nothing but breastmilk before was somehow a violation... But they had no adverse reactions, forgot about it in a minute, so I think I suffered the most lol! Sometimes I think that it should be mandatory, that non-vax people shouldn't have the right to be healthy only because those that do vax wear the risk and maintain the herd immunity. But OTOH, I am not satisfied that the potential benefits could ever outweigh my abhorrence at the thought of the government controlling what should be a parents' choice. Once you start on that slippery slope, who knows what could be next - compulsory hospital attendance, children taken into care if you fail to feed them according to the current (totally arbitrary and contradictory to previous ones) healthy eating guidelines?
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