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    Hi everyone,

    I had my sons second lot of immunisations last week, it is only now that I discover that I wrote the date down wrong and they were done a week early, he has been a bit off since he had them. does anyone know if having them early can be dangerous??


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    Hi Lisa ,

    my little girl had her 8 week imm. done at 6 weeks - because we went to the clinic for something else and the lady said we could get them done then.
    I asked them a million times if it would effect her in any way - and she reassured me that 2 weeks makes absolutly no difference ( and these were her first imm. ever ).

    Looks like she was right , its been 2 weeks since then and no reactions , she didnt even have a temp after them or anything.
    So nope, dont think it is dangerous at all

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    I wouldn't have thought it was a problem - I know Lucy's next ones (her second lot) are booked a week later than the date they're due. Your son is prob just a bit off colour due to the needles, and it would have happened whenever he got themiykwim.

    Hope he feels better tomorrow

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    Thanks ladies, makes me feel much better, I thought being pregnant was stressful, having the little man is worse, makes you feel so bad when there is something wrong and you don't know what it is!!

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    Lisa as the other have said could just be a coincedince that he is a little off colour at the moment. Hopefully he starts to feel better soon.

    If you find the manual on babies, let me know becuase I would still love a copy

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    My MCHN wrote down the wrong date of when Maddy had her first immunisations done so when I arrived for her 2nd lot, she told me that Maddy couldn't have them. I cant remember the exact time apart that they need to be, but I know it's at LEAST no closer than 4 weeks apart. Thank goodness my dates in her book were right cause she was able to have them after all! *L*

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