thread: Immunisation reaction?

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    Nov 2003

    Immunisation reaction?

    Aargh help!! Kynan had his 4 month immunisations today and now he won't stop crying. He's really really distressed and I don't know what to do. He can't seem to go to sleep and now he's over tired. Should I give him some panadol... will that make him feel a bit better? He's been screaming for the last hour or so!

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    Jul 2004

    I'd say give him some panadol as it just may be really sore. I normally give Lily panadol just before she gets them.

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    Jul 2004
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    I remember when Aidyn had his 4month immunisations he FREAKED. He wouldn't let us lie him down at all, as he associated it with recieving the needle jab, and he was distressed all night...
    Giving Kynan some Panadol probably wont hurt, and just give him lots of cuddles for the rest of the day... I hope the poor little thing calms down soon.
    for you both...

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    Nov 2004
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    I gave my kids panadol half an hour before they had their immunisations, then gave them a few more doses at the appropriate times. It did help.

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks!! I gave him some panadol. We called the Dr. and they said to call back in half an hour to let them know how he's going. Might have to take him back in if the panadol doesn't work. Poor boy. He screamed so much that now all he can do is sob and his voice is hoarse

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    Aug 2004
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    Oh no Angel poor Kynan, I hope he settles and has a sleep for you and forgets about those nasty injections. I also give Matthew Panadol 30 minutes before his vacs and with his 4 month needles the nurse acctually told me to give him some more in 4 hrs time which I did then he was fine except for the big red lumps which he still has after 2 weeks.

    Anyway I really hope Kynan settles for you

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    Jun 2005
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    See if the Panadol helps. Did the nurse give you a list of common reactions for the needles he had? I didn't give Mackenzie any panadol before her needles although it was suggested by other mums to me and I asked our nurse what she thought and she asked me if I would take medication in anticipation of not feeling well? Good point I thought and could always give Mackenzie something after her needles if I felt she needed it (luckily our nurse was the best in the world - no bruises, bumps or any reactions - she is VERY in tune with babies). Also with Mackenzie's 6 and 12 month needles she suggested to have a drink (like ribena) to give her straight after her needles - I can't remember why - something to do with helping her levels of something which can go down after having needles - I'll check with my mum she'll remember. Good luck with Kynan and go with your gut instinct if you feel a trip back to the Doctor is what he needs then do it or if you feel he just needs lots of cuddles do that. I'll get back to you on the drink thing so you can be ready for the next round!

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    May 2004

    Really hope Kynan is ok Angel it is awful to see them in pain.

    Fingers crossed that the panadol works for him.

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    Sep 2004
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    Oh Angel im so sorry that Kynan is so upset. I really hope that the panadol helps you out. Give him lots of cuddles!! Let us know how he goes.

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    That's no good! I know that Jacob got really upset like this after his 2 month needles too - so we have given him panadol before his other injections (after discussing it with the GP who recommended that we do this given how upset he became).

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    Feb 2004

    Awww poor Kynan. How's he doing now Angel?

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    Angus was really upset after on of his, can't remember quite which one except I know he was young. The next day he had a hard red lump at the site and he hated me going near his leg.

    Poor little mite. Hope he settles soon for you

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    Nov 2003

    Thanks everyone

    He calmed down enough to have a feed so the Dr suggested we see how he went and to give him another dose of panadol later on last night if he got really upset again. Thankfully he was okay though!! It took a couple of hours til he was calm enough to go to sleep but then he slept through. He's been okay so far today, only a little bit fussy/grizzly. I think his legs were sore - DH went to move Kynan and bumped his thigh and the poor little thing screamed.

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    awww poor sausage... I hope he's all better as the day goes on

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    Glad Kynan is feeling better. Amy was not herself for up to 10 after her 2 month injections. We got the inactive polio, are they still using the live polio? Apparantly they were changing to inactive as the standard. I'm not sure if it makes a difference.