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Thread: introducing family pet to newborn

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    Hi everyone, Just wanted to know others experiences with introducing pets (specifically dogs) to the new "baby" of the family? We have a 4 year old rottweiler who has been our baby and very spoilt. We now have a 7 week old baby girl and I'm unsure of how our Rotty will be around her. He used to be an inside dog - slept in our room even but now he's outside and it breaks my heart to see him or think about him as things are so different in his world now.

    Any advice/tips welcome. Or just someone who has been where I am now.

    Thanks heaps

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    if you do a google for dogzonline, you will find a lot of people qualified to answer this one for you... (mods please remove if not ok to post this?)

    It really does depend on the temprement of your dog.
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    we have a large rottie/sheperd who is spoilt as intially he was very curious but now as long as I let him sniff Jack he is fine, and he is so gentle with me is like he now knows he can't gte overly excited

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    This is an article on the main site about introducing your pet to your new baby & how to prepare them. I have trained quite a few dogs in preparation for having a new baby in the home. Now that your baby is here the most important thing is that you let your dog know that they are still welcome, but within a new boundary. We have 2 dogs and both were specifically trained for a new baby to come into the house & they have done so well. Both of them had to learn new boundaries & we had to inforce it a bit more, but once done we all live happily together. Our dogs stay inside most of the day but do go outside when Matilda started moving around more. They come in during nap times and at night now. and they have play time with Matilda in the morning as well as morning cuddles on the bed with us.

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    I have a little fluffy dog -maltese/Jack russell, she is also the most spoilt little dog around, she was like a baby to Michael and i... well that is until Joshua came into the picture. I try so hard to make her feel the same when Josh was born but she would just look at me through the door every time i would walk by with Joshua and look so sad. So now i have introduced outside time in our routine where i play with tulip as Joshua sits in his pram. I got them use to one another by taking Joshua up to the back door, with the flyscreen door closed, i would bend down to Tulips eye level and talk to tulip now i think they are use to oneanother, when Joshua cries in his playpen Tulip (my dog) runs and gets her ball, sits at the door and wags her tail as she wants me to take Joshua outside to play...... cute isnt it!
    Just make sure to give your little doggie lots of cuddles. Oh and another thing that worked for me was to put a old singlet that doesnt fit Josh any more in Tulips kennel and now she is use to his smell and she sleeps with the old singlet every night.

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