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Thread: Introducing new activities?

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    Question Introducing new activities?

    Jacob seems to be very happy to simply play with his toy cars and trucks, read books, play outside etc (oh, and to watch Bob The Builder endless times if we allowed it!). Whenever we try to do something new with him he ends up getting a bit annoyed with it or quickly loses interest. So my question is, do we just let him continue on with what he is happy doing or try to continue with introducing new things? My instincts say to just let things slide and periodically revisit the new things to see if they once again spark any interest.......but not to make too much of a fuss about it?

    He doesn't go much on painting (he doesn't like getting paint on his hands LOL!) and has lost interest in drawing and playdough. He just loves belting about with his trucks, reading, throwing his ball, generally 'helping' or doing things with us, i.e. 'big people' kind of things and has adapted extremely well to having his little sister in the house. He has started to use his imagination a bit with his play too I have noticed and will pretend to 'cook/make' things for us or for Elmo ("Elwo" as Jacob calls him - the cat LOL).

    I can't say I'm concerned from the 'learning' POV, as he is coming on in leaps and bounds with his vocabulary - he is really going great guns with new words all the time and is going so well with learning the alphabet (this still amazes me at just how well he is going with it - he knows virtually every letter). He is also physically very capable.

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    i'd say your instinct is right - review periodically and see if renewed interest or new interesy but only in short bursts- kids go thro phases like the rest of us - i encourage trying new things but only in short bursts and then let them do something they like/know in this way opening up to new things but not forcing them to like them. if he's happy within himself, not bored and enjoying what he's doing and the activities hes doing are crossing different skill sets no need to push anything on to him especially while you have a new bubs to deal with IMO
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