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Thread: Inventive Ways To Change Nappies of Wriggle Bums

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    Default Inventive Ways To Change Nappies of Wriggle Bums

    My 6 month old DD just WON'T stay still on the change table and will flip herself over. If I give her a toy she'll pass it from hand to hand which then leads to rolling and flipping.

    So I need some ideas on how to change her. I can't do it on the floor cos I have a poorly back. Changing her on the bed is also tricky.

    So today I ended up getting the nappy under her bum, then picking her up while holding on to her and the nappy and sitting her on my knee to wrap it around her. That worked OK but if anyone else has any suggestions, bring them on!

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    I don't have any real good suggestions - having been going through this myself for the last 6 months!!!!!!! At least now he has stopped the screaming for the most part
    I find that I just do it really really really quickly!!!!!! So have everything prepared in advance, rip the old one off and put the new one on as quick as my fat little fingers can go.
    I also have a stock of toys near the change table, so I can keep giving him other ones, in case its a pooey nappy and lots of time wiping is needed!!!! Oh, and I have a wind up toy that plays a tune, and its just small enough for him to hold by himself.
    Other things I do is - first change in the morning - I do it at the same time as he is having his bottle, so he holds his bottle and drinks and I do the nappy change. I also do this at night before he goes to bed with his other bottle for the day. Usually there is one that my DH is home for to help so he distracts him with stupid games or singing whilst I change... but my GOD its hard somedays!!!!!! I hate changing nappies when I am on my own - its so frustrating. Another thing, because the bottle thing works so well, I also take his water sippy cup in with me so if all else fails I can try to get him to drink out of that, or have a book ready he can hold...
    Not really good suggestions, but if anyone else has some that would be great for me too!!!

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    i ahve a repertoire of ideas that i try, some work some days, other days, i just ahve to give up!

    - mobile over the changetable
    - pass baby something to occupy her hands and mind - nappy, prefold, tube, tshirt, baby wrap anything she can explore safely
    - use a changetable harness belt
    - have everything i need to change her, within arms's reach
    - i never try to assemble a nappy combo with her on the changetable, have pockets stuffed ready to go so it's just one thing to put on her, have fitteds with liner lying inside, and fitted lying inside a cover, so i only have to lift her body ONCE into that combo.
    - on the days when it's all going pearshaped, i use the easiest option e.g a pocket nappy.
    - on pearshaped ocassions, when her hands are going everywhere and she wants to play DISCO with the light switch, sometimes i place prefolds/towels under her, and let her go, just for my own sanity.
    - and although i prefer the cloth wipes, i will go 100% baby wipes if it's all turning into a nightmare.

    there are many times she just lies there and it's all fine and dandy
    i'm just focussing on the times when it's not so easy, for the purpose of the thread topic!

    i have a 15 month old
    i also have a bad back so totally sympathise.

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    Charlie has also always been a wriggle bum, and I don't have any ideas to help! Sorry! I change him on the bed because he has has tried to roll off the change table too many times to count, but I can't imagine how I would have managed with a bad back. I've tried toys, making it into a game, blowing on his tummy in between, but in the end, I usually just change him as quickly as I can.

    I feel so sorry for DH because he's not as fast as me, and sometimes he wrestles with Charlie for ages just to change his nappy!

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    I have found different things work at different times. For a while I could give DS his toothbrush to play with while I was changing him. It would distract him for long enough and then I could also brush his teeth when I was finished (it's easier when they are lying down at that age).

    At times when that hasn't worked (and it never does now!), I can distract him by dangling an item of clothing over his face and gently touching it on his face. He laughs and settles down for long enough for me to do the nappy change.

    Other things that have worked from time to time are a sticker on the hand (although that can get eaten!), a favourite toy, blowing raspberries on his belly, and I'm sure there are others I can't think of right now. It's trial and error and nothing works all the time!! GL!!

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    Im going through the same thing and posted recently... i actually put the change mat on the floor...she still rolls over and crawls away but i know she is safe.

    I put her down and get stuff ready. bring her back and quickly change her, sometimes i put my leg on the side to try slow her down when she rolls over.

    I sit her in my lap to dress her and she cant really roll around... this will work until she learns how to get up then back to the drawing board.


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