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    I know that many babies don't start eating solids till 8-10 months, or sometimes longer, but I was wondering about iron deficiency in babies. Nina just flat out refuses to eat now, however used to eat great at 6-7 months.
    Lately I've noticed dark circles around her eyes, and that she is constantly tired. She'll sleep between 12-14 hours per night, waking normally only once in that time, and during the day will have a 1.5-3 hour sleep in the morning, and a 1-1.5 hour sleep in the afternoon. Do you think this is too much sleep (if that's possible)?
    She's been on formual since 7 months, Heinz Nurture.


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    How many bottles of formula is she drinking? Formula is heavily fortified with stacks of iron, so I would pretty much bet Nina is getting enough iron from formula.

    Has Nina started doing anything else new? Crawling perhaps? I always notice that when they start doing a new thing (crawling, walking, talking etc) that they get absolutely knackered for a few weeks.........(Lexie has just started crawling and she is, as such, off her food and SO tired.......). But then they 'catch up to themselves' and revert to being more energetic again once their little bodies have got used to the new activity?

    That may not help..........not sure.

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    Jodi, thats what Jesse was on (formula) before i switched him to S26 cos of his poos being dark green like. He also back then would never ever finish a bottle, would be lucky to take half.. and now he finishes every one.

    Have you changed the food she's eating? Maybe you can go back to what she use to eat when she was 6-7 months? Will Nina eat rice cereal? Even if you go back to the 6 month one.. i know the Heinz Rice Cereal is Iron Enriched so if she does that may help in her energy levels.

    With her sleep.. thats what Jesse is sleeping now too actually. He's asleep by 7.30pm and is awake at 7.30am.. this morning it was 8.45am. Then in the mornings he'll sleep for about 1.5 hours and the same in the afternoon. Sometimes the afternoon one goes for 2-2.5 hours.

    With dark circles.. sometimes its just whats in your genes. I have always had some dark cricles, whether ive had enough sleep or not.

    What Lucy said maybe right.. our bubs are alot more active now so will tire more.

    I dont know if ive been any help, but i hope you can work something out.

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    thanks guys.
    Lucy she is a lot more active, starting to move around, has achieved a few milestones this week. She has about 500ml during the day, and sometimes 150ml overnight.
    kel - I actually tried her on the vegies for 6-7 month old, after refusing it at first, I pretended to eat it, then she scoffed down the whole tin. I tried her on S26 & Karicare initially. Karicare she hated & S26 didn't agree with her, constant tummy pains, unsettled etc.
    Hopefully with me pretending to eat the food first, she'll know it's ok to eat and will start eating again.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

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