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Thread: Isn't it fun....

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    Red face Isn't it fun....

    Watching your kids and wondering what they will be when they grow up?

    I watch DD1 and i think wow the world is an open book for her, what she learns today will set her up for life.
    Watching what she shows interest in amazes me, i know they go through stages and grow out of things but so far the list is:

    Stunt Person
    Racing Driver
    Fashion Stylist
    Child Care Worker
    Carpenter (like her dad)
    Footballer (AFL)

    Hehe the things she does, she's such a little dare devil, she's so caring and loving towards her sister, very motherly, she loves doing my hair and having hers done and she discovered barbie at her nans house and was trying to dress her for hours but then she loves walking through our paddock playing with the dogs, jumping in puddles and getting dirty, she carries her pink footy everywhere.... hmmm the list is endless, i hope it remains that way.. i want the world to be her oyster!

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    Hah, we do this too - but we don't have the caring, sharing sort of child. She's actually quite rude and nasty to people at times and often makes her friends cry - she is a borderline bully - so any kind of customer service or 'helping' type job is out. One of her favourite topics is death but just dying and killing not dead bodies so much, so that rules out forensic pathologist. She is extremely black and white in her thinking, extremely talkative and argumentative, and very fixated on the law and jails and similar things. Our initial thought was 'lawyer' but she needs to work on her listening (its not just me she doesn't listen to, its her friends, teachers and the TV too) for that to be an option.

    Right now we have her pegged as a cop. The anally-retentive cop who will get you for jaywalking and then not listen to your reasons why. It fits, if she's lucky she'll even get to see dead bodies and kill people. I can't believe I'm saying that like its a good thing.

    Little sister we have pegged as a thief, lockpick, pickpocket, safecracker or just someone in the electronic repairs industry. Her dexterity and observational skills are phenomenal - nothing gets past her, and then she pinches it when you're not looking. But her ability to talk is running at well over a year behind her talky big sister so she's going to be the back-room tech not the front office person lol

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    Hehe it's so funny to guess isn't it.. i forgot to add CLEANER.. she's obsessed with cleaning at the moment, i was cleanign her bookshelf, she got a cloth and climbed and said clean clean... now she's gone off with my broom and a cloth and has headed for the lounge saying come mum clean.
    Maybe she will own and operate a successful cleaning company... great she can start on my house.

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    LOL, DH and i do this too! - atm we have her pegged as a dancer, furniture removelist or kissing booth operator - DD loves carrying things around and picking them up and moving them from one spot to another. as for the kissing thing, she loves to give kisses and cuddles to any child she comes in contact with - DH is like, yeah its cute now, but i hope she's not like that when she's older

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    IT is a wonder isn't it.
    This is a regular conversation DD and I have though -
    DD - What do you want to be when you grow up Mum?
    Me - uhhh I don't know really
    DD - I want to be the toothfairy/fairy princess, do you want to be a tooth fairy too?
    Me - mmm nah, I don't really like teeth
    DD - OK well you can be a fairy princess then, and Dad can be the Knight in shining armour and Nate can be the Dragon
    Me - OK babe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Negrita~ View Post
    kissing booth operator
    I had the pair of them in the bath together last night. DD#1 comes out saying:

    "Cassie kept kissing me! She stuck her TONGUE in my mouth! Eww! She wiggled her tongue around like a WORM! It was DISGUSTING! And she KEPT DOING IT!"

    So after that performance in the bath I've had a toddler try and corner me and French kiss me several times today ...

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