Hi Ladies.
Not sure if this is the right spot and wasn't sure it was a "medical condition" as such so mods please move if incorrect.

I know you ladies will be able to give me some great ideas on this one...

Anyway from birth DD has always scratched her belly whenever she was naked. She never had a rash or anything so I just figured it was some weird baby habit or something. At around 3 weeks i stopped using Johnsons bath stuff and used QV bath oil as she got dry/rough skin. That helped heaps and I've continued that along with a sorbolene rub down after her bath.

Almost 2 weeks ago now she developed a little rash with her itching. She was teething and had a cold so I figured it was just associated with that and continued on with the normal routine. When I saw the Dr about her cold he said she had some eczema (as she had all little marks and scabs where she'd been scratching like crazy).. I have eczema/dermatitis so figured she would possibly end up with it. Under her neck has been particularly bad and she has been scratching and breaking the skin. The drool from teething and it staying moist hasn't helped but I've managed to get it healed up quite well. Her skin is no longer rough as I've gone to bathing every other day if i can (as per Dr suggestion) so that is great but she is still scratching like crazy when naked and also when she has clothes on.

I really want to give her some relief from this but not sure what to try and what might help. She is due for her 6 mnth needles this week so will need to go the Dr but I was hoping to hold off till later in the week or next week possibly but don't want her to have to go on scratching like this for longer than absolutely necessary (IYKWIM)..

I have considered the whole laundry detergent theory but i've always used a sensitive one just because i use it for myself and she is only itching her belly and neck and it only appears to be sensitive around that area, if it was the detergent I would have assumed everywhere her clothes touch would itch..

Any suggestions on what i can try to give her some relief?