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Thread: Its one thing after another!!!!

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    Default Its one thing after another!!!!

    Oh my gosh is my little girl growing up!
    its one thing after another with her!
    Finally we get her sleeping "ok" (touch wood) of a night time, by shutting her door, and than just a little while ago i put her down for her nap, and who should open her door and walk out??????? yep Miss B has learnt to open doors!
    I can't flippen win with this child! LOL

    Is this what they call the terrible 2's? it would be very typical of B to be going thru that early!

    She got the the comment yesterday that she is much more advanced than alot of 3yr olds! so proud of her, but gosh give mummy a break!

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    'terrible' twos started for us at about 18 months. What comes with it though is the development of a real friendship with your baby and this gorgeous personality that starts to interact for real. Overall, I love the toddler years but they can be challenging! Your DD is gorgeous btw!

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    I know what you mean!!!! DD is the same.... she opens all our doors in our house.... they are the L shaped handles and easier to open than the round handles apparently and she has done this since 14mths when she learnt to walk!!!!!!
    We can't lock her in any room as she knows how to get out!!!! (not that we've ever tried to but ykwim)....... she is an escape artist..... .our little hoodeeni (sp?) !!!!!!

    I hear ya, I can't keep up with the things my DD does and says..... she is learning waaaaayyy too fast!!!! Which is a good thing I guess

    I thought the baby years were great fun but the toddler years are even better!!! More challenging yes, but so much better and more fun!!!

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    terrible two hits way before two! working in CC you see it all the time GL with that one xx

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    Mad Scientist - awww thankyou - i think she is too but than im her mother! hahaha! i so look forward to the development of a "friendship" with her! and i am really enjoying the toddler stage also! she is such a character and every day is something different - this morning when i asked her what did she want for breaky she said sgettin and toast! LOL than later on she came over and askend "morning tea now mum?" was funny! i can't wait for the friendship and stay up late and watch movie nights, and the little secrets we can keep between us and not tell daddy! She went birthday present shopping with DH the other day and when she got home i asked her what did she buy mummy and she said "slippers" and i said what colour and she said "pink" i looked at DH and yep thats what im getting! LOL - anyways enough of my ranting but your oh so right the toddler years are great!

    Shanti - been a long time :-) i love how u have a little houdini on ur hands! hahahaha - hopefully she looses that skill when she becomes a teenager! LOL

    Loula - LOL thanks - than i guess its confirmed! Miss B has well and truely hit the terrible 2's!!!!

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    slightly ot, but we put a baby gate on missy's door when she moved to her bed.
    We figured she would go to sleep eventually if there was limited stimulation, and would often come in of a night and put her back in her bed.

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    littlelara - we were thinking of the baby gate - but than we wanted to get her use to sleeping with her door closed for when bub #2 comes along so she dosen't get disturbed as much by lights or bub crying etc.... we also have to walk past her room to get to Spud's room when the time comes so if we have door open that might disturb her alot!

    Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon! hahahaha

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