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Thread: Jobs for a 3yo?

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    Default Jobs for a 3yo?

    DF and I implemented a job chart for DD where she gets a sticker for each job she does, and at 5 stickers she gets to choose a treat, e.g. trip to the park etc.

    What are some age appropriate jobs for her? So far she has received a sticker for picking up all of her toys and putting them away and for putting her dirty clothes in the washing basket after her bath. I've also got putting her bowl/plate/fork in the dishwasher after a meal, and helping with dinner, any other ideas?

    Also, good ideas for treats? I will let her choose, but would prefer to give her a choice of two things rather than let her randomly pick! Last time she got to choose a treat though, she picked building a block tower with me and then getting to knock it over which is not something i ever would have chosen as a 'treat'! LOL...

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    painting games movies cooking

    jobs...... teeth brushed, shoes put away, bed made YES my kids have all done thier beds attempted lol

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    Chimney sweep, starting down the mines, apprenticed off...

    Now we've established what's REALLY harsh, this is what my 3yo can do:
    Put dirty pots next to the sink, help put clothes away, put dirty clothes in the linen basket, put some clean pots away, make bed, sweep floor, put away toys, help load and unload washing machine, load tumble dryer and operate (childgate stops him doing this now, thankfully!), mop up spills, plant and tend vegetables, wash the car, bake food.

    However, I only insist he puts his dirty pots next to the sink, put dirty clothes in the linen basket if he chooses to strip off, make his bed and put away his toys. He is expected to sweep/mop up any large mess he makes and he enjoys doing the other chores: it is a treat, to him, to do the gardening or wash the car. He loves it if he can help with the washing or help unload the dishwasher. He also loves cooking and baking.

    So my suggested treats would be time-treats: you can bake a cake with me if you get five stars. Yum cake AND time with Mama. Sounds good to me. Treats for DS include staying up late when Dad goes away and he picks a film to watch and dance to (Mamma Mia is a favourite) or we can snuggle up in bed with a Pixar film. We put up a tent in the garden and have a picnic, or read stories in a tent. We play with diggers and JCBs without me finding something else to do. I give him a "piano lesson" without getting annoyed that I want to play MY piano without little hands getting in the way and hitting random notes (he can play, by copying single notes, the main theme from Dvorak's Largo from the New World Symphony and... the chorus of Mamma Mia by Abba.)

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    Ours isn't 3 yet but she puts her dirty stuff (and ours) in the sink too, when we are doing washing up she puts the clean dishes away (in mostly the right places), she helps water my plants, wipes the baby's face, fetches things for me, puts her big sister to bed, tells us when it is bath time, tells us when the baby is grumpy or stinky, tries to change the baby's nappy, tries to clean up any messes she makes, helps serve dinner, attempts to feed said dinner to the baby (who is a week old), tells her big sister to be quiet/sit down/eat up/behave at perfectly sensible moments etc etc etc. Basically she's incredibly helpful.

    Big sister's helping list extends to putting toys in the lounge away IF she is severely prodded (she gets paid $5 for this), and sometimes even puts her dirty clothes in the wash before she runs out of underwear. Big sister at 3 was no help at all, she just hung around talking. Considering nothing much has changed with big sister I'm hoping the helpful streak stays with the little one

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    We have Miss M put away her toys and other belongings, after meals she takes her plate, bowl and cups into the kitchen. She helps with washing up, she puts the washing powder in the machine and lifts the lid on the washing machine when its finished (it beeps every 5mins if lid isnt lifted, and the machine always finsihes when Im busy feeding Miss H), she helps with Miss H, its her job to turn the lights on at night, and then later put the lamps on (her fav job), she loves to sweep and vaccuum (I help), she makes her bed every morning, helps set the table at meal times.... Actually any job that is needed to be done at home she plays a part in.... She loves to help, and well I love her helping most of the time. When DH mows the yard, its her job to pick up her toys beforehand too.

    treats we just a sticker chart and give stickers which is all she is concerned with at the moment.

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    My 3yo can take her own plate, cup and cutlery to the kitchen after dinner and often helps unset the rest of the table too, she can help collect dirty washing and take it to the laundry, she helps to make her own bed - usually by helping straighten the donar and then picking up her pillows and putting them on the bed at the end, she can help empty the dishwasher - mainly the cutlery (including butter knives but not other kinds of knives) and sort them into the cutlery drawer, wipe down the coffee table, help with dusting, sweeping and can use a dust pan. She still thinks these things are all fun so we haven't had to do treats ... yet She has to ask before she leaves the table at the end of the meal and when we say yes then she takes her plate, cup and cutlery to the sink then ...

    Treats - can be anything from art/craft/cooking to outings to food treats like chocolate or strawberries (my DD thinks strawberries are a treat )


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