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Thread: Just bought the Phil & Ted e3

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    Default Just bought the Phil & Ted e3

    I was soooooooo over my stupid pram that I went out and bought a new one... so even though I have now spent over $1000 on prams, I am so happy (so far) with the phil and ted!

    I had a four wheelwer, and whenever I walked fast or on slightly uneven ground, the wheels would really shudder and shake the whole pram... As I want to loose more weight I want to walk fast when i go for a walk, so I did lots of reserch here and decided that the phil and ted was the way to go!

    I am a little excited, we are going to go for a big walk soon so I will get back to you later when I have really tested it!


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    oh wohoo!! go all mountain terraining just for fun lol

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