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Thread: Just can't figure this bub out

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    Default Just can't figure this bub out


    hmmm where do I start!!!!
    I just can't seem to figure this bub out. She is 9wks and she is still mostly cat napping through the day, and some nights I just can't get her to bed before midnight.


    I can't work out whether she has colic, is hungry or tired.

    One feed just runs into the next with little to no sleep in between. I am concerned that I am feeding her when she is not hungry.

    I put her down for a sleep and she sleeps for 20-40mins and wakes up screaming. sucking her fits and is very fidgety.

    She will not take the breast at some feeds but she will take a bottle.

    She will sleep in a sling but not in her cot. So I walk around with her attached to me all back is killing me.

    Some days just seem like a vicious circle of feeding (trying too), burping, crying and cat napping.


    Is my breast milk making her colicy? Do I have to go on some sort of special diet? My family have a history of food intolerances including lactose.

    How long should she be going between breastfeeds?

    By now her sister was in a nice little routine and I felt like I had a I just feel so lost and don't know where to start.

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    Hi Bekz, she sounds like my first born. She had reflux. She was continually crying tho between feeds after feeds etc. She constantly looked like she was hungry and acted like she was hungry so i continued to feed her. I had her up the hospital every other day to try and work out what was wrong with the poor thing. No one at the hospital really helped, sorry to say. The one person that did however was a government health nurse that comes around to check on premature babies. She was fabulous. She told me straight away that bubs had gastric reflux and to put her on anti-reflux formular. I went straight out and bought S26 AR. That did settle her down a lot and she was able to sleep more, however she was not totally cured of course. I recommend you try thickened formular. And when bubs looks like she is still hungry, continue to burp her, because she is suffering from wind. See how you go, hope this helped! Good luck, i know how difficult it is, I'm pregnant with number 2 now and am hoping this one doesnt have it. All the best

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    Kate - Thanks for that. My number 1 was just so easy (once I started formula feeding)....So maybe your number 2 will be the easy one...all the best

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    Hi BekZ,

    It kind of sounds like a bit of reflux.. My DS is 4.5 months old and he had those symptoms and the Paed put him on reflux meds (Losec) and he is a complteley changed bub. I would recommend raising his cot mattrass so his head is a bit higher - especially if he is okay in a sling... I would also recommend keeping him upright for a while after his feeds (maybe 15 minutes) or even carry him around in your sling for 15 minutes after a feed. My DS is exclusively BF and demand feeding at that and he still feeds anywhere from every 2 hours and sometimes I can stretch him out to 3 hours. I would say that if you are not sure to check with your GP. If he isn't settling after a BF when his tummy is full I would certainly tell your GP this and hopefully they will be able to fix the problem. Good Luck xxoo

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    Bek - I found a site all about reflux! Here's a description of how reflux presents: RISA - Reflux Infants Support Association and here's some tips to help a refluxy bub: RISA - Reflux Infants Support Association
    here's a few of the tips:
    • Offer a spoonful of thickened milk (formula or breastmilk) following the feed.
    • If breastfeeding, avoid foods that can aggravate reflux such as citrus, tomato, fatty foods, spicy foods, chocolate and carbonated drinks.
    • Some reflux children may suffer from food sensitivities, and may need dietary restrictions (or the mother may consider an elimination diet). If you suspect foods may be responsible for your child?s condition, it is essential to discuss this with your health care provider. Do not change your or your child?s diet before seeking medical advice.

    There's definitely things you can do for reflux with breastfeeding, I wouldn't jump straight to the formula option, that can come with it's own set of problems. I think you mentioned once before that your GP was suggesting formula too, which is a shame. If you're keen to continue breastfeeding, Barb can probably recommend a LC specialising in allergies etc that you could see for some help.

    As for how frequently they should feed - well, unfortunately very few babies read the "book of shoulds" Some babies are catnappers, others sleep longer, some feed very frequently, others don't. Do try to remember she's only 9 weeks old, and so many changes go on in these first few months with their feeding and sleeping.

    I hope things settle down for you soon. I would recommend having a chat to a dr about reflux tho.

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