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Thread: Is this just a 'teething thing'?

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    Melody Guest

    Default Is this just a 'teething thing'?

    Help Please!

    Hunter has always been a really good & settled night sleeper....
    Over the past few weeks he has begun the teething process & I also understand how sticky it has been here at night.

    Last night he virtually cried every hour, it is almost as though he is crying in his sleep but is really unsettled.... DH & I took turns just going in & fixing his blankets with a soothing word but he no sooner fell asleep as began crying again. (He has done this a few times over the past two weeks)

    It is shaping up to be the same tonight as he has cried 3 times since I put him down at 7pm. It is obvious his gums are hurting but my insticts say he is unwell.

    Is this normal? Is it a 5 month old thing? Has anyone else had this change in sleeping/settled-ness? Is it just a teething thing?
    Any suggestions?

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    Maria had bad night as well and they are a similar age.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    My neice does exactly the same thing when she is teething.Unfortunetly theres not much that you can do.My sister tried resettling her, teething gel, panadol and even a feed and nothing worked.In the end she took her back to bed with her and her DH went and slept in their other daughters room.She eventually fell asleep in her arms and snuggled with her all night.

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    Lily is like this when teething and she started teething at 3 months old. Maybe give him some panodol?

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    Melody Guest


    Thanks so much! I'm relieved now......

    I just can't stand to see him hurting & would hate to think it was something else. Hearing your thoughts I am satisfied that this is normal....

    I'll do some panadol tonight & bonjella.

    Thanks ladies.

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    Melinda Guest


    Awww, poor little Hunter! Could you give him a teething ring and see if he gnaws on that a little bit?

    Apart from that, you could definitely give a little bit of panadol or try bonjela and see if that helps.

    But if you think that he may be unwell, then don't hesitate to go and get him checked over by your GP. They may tell you he's fine, but it's always nice to hear it from the professionals IYKWIM?

    Let us know how he goes tonight.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Melody - Gabby does a similar thing when her toothy-pegs are giving her the irrates. She was ok with her two bottom teeth - I think we had one night of a couple of wake-ups but that was it.
    Her top two teeth were a whole different ball of wax! She really suffered with them... she would wake during the night crying out for her dummy but she wasn't fully awake, iykwim? All I could do was pop the dummy in (and a bit of bonjela). I did give her panadol for a couple of nights but I stopped because I didn't want to give her too much (and she seemed to be getting better).
    She is now very dependent on the dummy. Where she used to go to bed at night without the dum-dum, she now has to have it all night, every night. It means I have to wake up to pop the darn thing in most nights but I guess that's not too bad - at least she isn't fully waking.

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    If he is teething you could try popping his dummy (is he has one?) in the freezer for 10 mins or so... I used to do this for Aidyn (but would have to rotate them consantly!)
    Also on the really bad nights where he just wouldnt sleep because of the pain, I would give him baby Nurofen, which worked a treat compared to Panadol, however I think bubs has to be older than 6 months to have baby Nurofen?
    Good luck Melody, I hope you all get a better rest tonight!

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    Teething definitely can be a cause, but for interests sake and so you not you are not alone, check out [url=]THIS[/url] thread, Kate10 mentions the same thing as you and it is a very common occurance for 5 month babies not sleeping.

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