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Thread: Just when I thought......

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    Default Just when I thought......

    .....I had my little one's naps sussed out, she goes and decides that naps are for sissies and she'd much rather be up and about hanging with mummy. Being awake is where it's at, apparently.

    We had such a good groove going - have a wee feed, then down for a nap.

    She's had a wee feed and is now chatting to the friends on her cot mobile. With no sign of going over to sleep. I read her sleepy signs as usual but we seem to be bright as a button this morning! (and pretty much the same thing happened yesterday - she had 3 naps of 20 minutes each!!)


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    welcome 2 my world! yesterday daisy had 2 half an hour sleeps- and that was a good day. i am really struggling with it TBH

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    Every day is different for us. Some days she will have good 40 minute naps and maybe a 2 hour one. Other days, a few 20 minute ones. I honestly don't know how some people schedule their babies naps at the same time every day because I can't imagine ever having our little one do that.

    What I think is happening at the moment though, she used to be able to only go 1.5-2 hours from when she woke up to when she'd need a nap again but I think that she is stretching this time out. I might just see how we go with her next nap today (providing she has one) and see if that works better.

    She sleeps well at night time though, so I really shouldn't complain!!
    Sue xx

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    that's always the way it goes hun! As soon as you get them figured out and in sort of a routine they go and mix it up a little for you. I guess they just want to keep you on your toes, never let your guard down! Lol

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    I hear ya Ladies! We were going so well, a couple of 2hr naps a day and then a 1/2hr late afternoon kip, and all of a sudden it's a struggle to stay asleep for 1/2 hr twice in one day! I was really struggling yesterday too, and as soon as DH walked in the door I took off and walked the dog as I was so frustrated. I'm so disappointed in myself that I get frustrated, because it's not like she's even grumpy, she's as happy as anything with no sleep under her belt, selfishly I think it's the 'down time' for me that I miss. Sorry I'm making this all about me! Just wanted to say you're not alone!

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    Vent away HB, I kinda thought I wouldn't be the only one with a non-napper!!


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    Sorry guys. I've just discovered my son has been secretly mentoring some of the newer BB recruits. I've now cut off his internet access.
    Good luck!

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    Hehe, little rascal!!

    I tried stretching the time out to 2.5 hours between naps and it seems to have worked ok. She is snoozing (for now).

    I'm also working on helping her settle to sleep herself - practicing this anyway, with the helpful suggestions from the No Cry Sleep Solution. So far so good! She got sleepy having a wee feed before nap time, I put her down sleepy and off she went! Didn't think it would work but here we are!

    Sue x

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    Ive seen my son sleep once during the day lol At the hospital he was always asleep and i would be lucky if i saw him awake, but since hes been home its like he cant get enough of me lol Hes in the sling atm, only way i can get things done haha my baby also is a really good night sleeper, almost sleeping through, i just keep thinking it could be worse kwim?

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