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    I've been thinking of ways to entertain/socialise my (almost) 2 year old daughter and I've heard of movement classes called Kanga Bop - what's usually involved in these types of classes? My daughter is a little shy/cautious around new kids and I'm wondering if she might find the whole experience a little overwhelming. Anyone got any info or suggestions on this?

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    Hi Michelle -
    When I was young my mum took Kindy Gymbaroo classes. now have my baby going to babyroo weekly and it's great fun. They have classes for all ages and work on coordination, words, learning etc. It's great fun and great to improve your childs coordination, learning, movement, socialisation etc.

    The ladies who take the classes are skilled in childhood development, therefore are aware of when to slow down for your child and not overstimulate.

    Goodluck with it!

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