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Thread: Kids and colds... when do you go to the Dr???

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    Question Kids and colds... when do you go to the Dr???

    Isabelle and I have both had this cold for the last few days. She has had a runny green nose since Wednesday, had an unsettled night on Friday night but a bit of panadol and co-sleeping and we all got some rest but other than that she has really been fine. She is sleeping her normal 12 hours a night, she is happy during the day and napping as usual, drinking all her bottles, slightly down on solids, and no fever. The last few days her nose has definately eased up and isn't as green (sorry ewww TMI!!)

    Thing is she woke today with a little cough, I say little - she coughed a bit when I got her up and I haven't heard her cough again since then so I'm not sure if she is getting worse or if she is getting better!

    I don't go to the Dr for colds so I'm not sure what they do for kids - I wouldn't want her to have AB's or anything like that which is why I'm hesitating.
    When do you go to the Dr???!!!

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    I tend to take my son to the doctor for a cold if the symptoms aren't helped by Panadol or he doesn't seem to be getting better after a few days. The reason being the doctor I go to doesn't like giving out prescriptions/medications if they can avoided and she says the best thing you can do is keep Cooper warm and well hydrated when it is a simple cold. It will run its course over a period of about a week (or that is usually how long it takes my son).

    However if you are worried in any way, then take Isabelle to the doctor for a check-up. Better safe than sorry!

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    Most of the time, I don't bother to be honest: there is not much a Dr can do apart from offer the advice of "keep up the fluids".

    BUT, if I do see a lot of the vile green snot, indicating a sign of infection, or if they are super cranky, I do them take them to the Dr........just so I can get their ears checked.......all of of mine seem to get ear infections as a result of a snotty cold, and I'd rather keep on top of the ear infections. (It does mean a dose of AB's sadly.)

    As for a cough, I don;t think there is anything they can do for that?

    Good luck: hope she keeps improving!

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    Thanks all, I really think she is at the end of it - the snotty nose has really cleared up and is clear most of the time instead of green and she isn't cranky at all! If she still hasn't improved by Wednesday I might pop down for a check up. As you said Lucy, there isn't alot they can do and she is taking all her fluids well so Im not overly stressed.

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    We only go to a Dr is the symptoms keep getting worse. or for a temp higher than 38deg or if it get into the chest.

    When we are sick i strip the beds every day. and i go crazy with glen 20 and disenfestant. it make recovery quicker as the germs don't keep being spread around.
    and probably a shower before bed and in the morning helps too.

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    Thanks everyone!
    Well mum had Iz today while I worked and I was worried about her little cough so I got mum to take her to her GP - turns out the little poppet has an ear infection Poor thing, I didn't even realise - she has been so happy and just normal, I guess you would say, just a runny nose. She is on AB's now so hopefully it will clear up quickly.
    Does anyone know if they are contagious??? I am meant to be meeting a friend from MG here tomorrow but I will tell her not to come if it is?? Her DS has had a cold too but I'm just worried about the ear infection not the cold so much???

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    Tan, ear infections aren't contagious, they are usually a secondary infection caused by the cold.

    DS and DD both have a cold at the moment and I haven't taken them to the GP yet, but DS's sleep has been really disturbed tonight by his coughing. DD has had it about a week and DS since Friday night and it doesn't seem to be getting any better so I might take them tomorrow. Our GPs are pretty good and will only prescribe ABs for an infection, not a common cold or virus.

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    Tan, I'm glad you got it sorted and got the dreaded ABs. She'll be on the mend now in no time.

    I take Angus to the Dr if the snot coming out of his nose isn't clear, i.e. yellow or green. My Dr said that clear snot is usually a viral infection so there's nothing you can do about that (except keep them comfortable) but yellow/green snot usually indicates a secondary bacterial infection that would respond to ABs.

    Angus also gets a wicked post nasal drip with the clear snot that gives him a terrible hacking cough (not a dry cough). I use Dimetapp as directed, it dries up the snot and also fixes the post nasal drip that causes the cough. I also use panadol for a temp.

    So, I go to the Dr if the snot is not clear, if he doesn't get better within a few days, has a high temp of temp for more than 24 hours, or if I'm worried.

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