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    How can i stop my two fighting all the time it happens everyday.
    Alex will happily be playing with something and then Kimberley will come alone and take it away so he starts to cry this happens nearly all day and everyday. It's getting to the stage that i can't cope with it all.

    They can play together really well and have fun but it's the times they just fight i guess it's not fighting as such as Alex just takes it but i know it will only get worse. I can't wait for the day he will stand up for himself.

    We have double in some toys like prams so she can always get the other but no she always wants what Alex is playing with or wants the cornpopper to ride on when she can use her horse. It's just little things but they start as early as 7am.

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    ohhh Michelle, I felt like I was reading all about Peiter and Grace LOL, hun I think its just the way some kids are, I guess the good thing for me is that Peiter goes to school now so its not so bad, its so funny though as Grace misses him like mad but then when he gets home they just start all over again and Grace is a screamer and it goes right through me to the point where I am so angry and have to leave the room, it drives me nuts but at the same time I think its funny how they can't be with out eachother but cant leave eachother alone when they are together LMOA why??? I really dont get it myself LOL.
    I dont know if there is alot we as parents can do other than just try and keep the peace somewhat *if thats possible*,
    when I was growing up my brother Ricki and I fought non stop to the point my mum was very close to putting us into counselling now days we still argue a little but we are so close and its funny to think back on the things we did to eachother. ohhh we were horrible my poor mum I dont know how she ever coped with us.
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