Hello all!

I've just launched a really simple and easy fundraising program with Toys4Tikes for Christmas - it's my last year doing it (I'm selling T4T as I am just too busy to do both!) so I thought I would have some fun before the end of the year If your child or a child you know attends a childcare centre / pre-school etc and they are looking for some fundraising ideas, or potentially might be, I would love to pass on the flyers I have - so if you would like to, please email me at info@bellybelly.com.au with any details of the centre including name and fax number (I have a fax prepared for it) or I can email you the flyers to print and take in. So if you'd be happy to do that I would be very appreciative

Just so you know, the way it works is that the centre distributes the flyer and order forms to parents, I arrange all deliveries direct to their homes and a percent of the sales get donated to the centre towards purchasing toys.

Thanks guys