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Thread: lachlan keeps rolling over n over. so cute!!

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    Default lachlan keeps rolling over n over. so cute!!

    hey there everyone, my son 3months old/12 weeks and 1day has been rolling over i pushed him back onto his back and he went straight to his belly. the 1st 2 rolls were on fathers day and he hadnt done it much since but today was great fun he was laughing at me coz i was talking and laughing he thought was good fun playing rolling round on floor with mummy

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    Its cute isn' it Jess?? Jenna was rolling around the rooms at about 4.5m, and she would have a ball until she got stuck against the couch or something similar.
    Well done to Lachlan

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    How exciting for you Jess. Lachlan sounds very advanced!

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    How cute!! All these milestones are just so fun!! They are such clever little things aren't they!

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