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Thread: The last feed - is it habit? Do I need to stop it?

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    Default The last feed - is it habit? Do I need to stop it?

    AARRGGGHHH I am writing this listening to my DD sobbing in bed with the most shocker whimpering cry.

    First though DD is 8 months now and CAN and DOES fake her "i'm in pain cry" with extreme ease when she needs to and will throw in the sobbing for even better effect.

    We have had a pretty constant issue with DD at bedtime since she was little but we recently got majority of it sorted out and have had her in bed and asleep by 7.30pm. She WAS waking after a few hours, bright eye'd and bushy tailed ready to get up again until we realised that the lamp in her room was sending the "Its daytime" signal so as soon as she switched that off that solved our problem.

    Only thing now is that DD is still waking about 1.5-2 hrs after going to sleep and is not settling herself again. She cries so I go and pat her bottom and have taken to giving her a feed in bed (bottle) which she takes and generally just rolls over when she is done, slip in her dummy and she goes happily back to sleep. NOT NOW.. The last few nights I've given her the bottle but she is still sobbing afterwards and won't settle. I've had to resort now twice to walking the hallway with her to get her back off to sleep.

    I'm wondering if others who have an 8mo can remember if they gave this late feed and is it ok for me to still do this feed or should I be try to get rid of it.

    Last night I settled her and left her for about 10 minutes (yes she was crying - but not a serious cry, more a slightly annoyed cry, which I could handle), but after the 10 mins she was back asleep again. Tonight is not so lucky.

    If CC will help then that is fine but I want to work out firstly why she keeps waking (she doesn't do this during the day and is perfect to put down any other time of day), and also if she really does need this feed or if it has become a habit..

    DD has been teething (shocking red cheeks, stinky poo, nappy rash) so I expect some unsettled times during that but this has been a constistent thing and I don't think the teething is really making it any worse or having an effect.

    The reason I've previously given her a feed is that I've always struggled to get her to have a decent bottle feed before bed - maybe 100ml before food and I've also tried the bottle after food just before dinner with no difference in the amount she'll drink so I've just always tried the bottle as a way of ruling out the hunger and when it worked a few times that was just the way it went if she didn't settle again.

    ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hate having this each night and was so happy when we sorted out the lamp/light issue but now want to sort this out so we can have some kind of rested/relaxed night after she has gone to bed and is asleep at a reasonable hour.

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    No need for you to get rid of the feed unless it is a problem for you- she may just need it? But I think the issue is more her waking than the feed. Is she eating enough during the day? If it was hunger she would prob be screaming, wouldn't she than whimpering? My DD woke about 1 to 2 hours every night after going to sleep for months from about 5 months old to 8 months old and stayed awake for hours though, not settled back to sleep like yours. Perhaps it has just become a habit for her? I actually don't know but wanted you to know. Just re-read that she IS awake hours later. We could find no cause at all for our DD's waking and we looked at everything and trying many variations of things to no avail. She just stopped one night and sleeps 12 hours since.

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