thread: Laugh for the day - and a good packing tip!!

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    Nov 2007

    Laugh for the day - and a good packing tip!!

    Hi Ladies,

    I had a corker day today and thought I'd share it with everyone just for a laugh..

    Today I took DD to the shops as I had to do a few things and needed to grab some fruit/veg. Anyway we got to the shops and I popped her in the pram and in we headed. I'd been hearing some "noises" in the car and had a laugh at them but nothing had eventuated..

    We picked up a few things at one store and headed to the next one were I leisurely looked around and picked up a few pieces of clothing for DD.. We headed to the register and as I was grabbing out my purse from the bag, smelt an odour!! Anyway I paid for the clothes and then headed to a nice enclosed private part of the mall to change her bum (I hate the parents rooms as they normally stink something shocking!!).

    I positioned the pram and got the bag out of the way. Laid her down and put my hand under her to pull off her pants and voila!!!!
    "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM... There has been an explosion!"
    My first thought was "Holy S#&T" and it certainly was..
    Anyway I was laughing and thinking OMG what am I going to do!!!
    So i hightailed it to the nearest parents room and when DD stopped laughing at me and rolled over slightly I could see poo up her back and all over the pram including stuck in the buckel! She has been squirming so much that it had just pushed out the top of her nappy and then spread like paint between two pieces of paper!!! (sorry but the best analargy i could think of).

    I laid my change mat down, grabbed my pack of wipes (only quarter full!!) and picked her up and stood her on the bench. I proceeded to remove ALL her clothing in a way that would not wipe poo up the back of her head or over myself - all while she is trying to play with the pack of wipes and thinking it's great fun!!

    I then had to wipe her from head to toe using wipes!!! I got a clean nappy on her and was SO thankful i had a change of clothes for her so I put those on (see later moral to the story). Then I had the extremely fun task of trying to mop up her pram!!! One hand on the baby and one hand doing the cleaning. While I was stuffing wipes into a nappy bag and holding DD in place while I did it, she was grabbing the other nappy bag and starting throwing it around like a baseball pitcher! I needed 2 more arms!! I finally got things to a reasonable state but I used every last wipe I had in my bag and then had to resort to a cloth nappy to cover the huge mark in the pram so DD could go back in.

    I was trying my hardest not to crack up at the whole situation but I gotta say wiping up the pram was more yuck than wiping her butt!! I rung my DH and told him and he laughed in shock and same with my mum!

    Once we left the parents room and headed off to quickly grab what we needed so we could leave i kept having that "Do I have poo on me that i cannot see?" feeling but I just kept on going.

    Anyway moral to this story..
    This morning I repacked my nappy bag and thought "hhmmm I always have a spare change of clothes and never had to use them, prob don't need them.. aaahh put one in anyway!".. Luckily I had my 1/4 full pack of wipes (only a travel size pack) but I thankfully found a full pack of sample wipes to get me through the task! P.S. I headed straight to BigW and bought a huge pack of wipes for my bag!


    I'm thankful I made it 7 months before DD did this in public but Oh gosh it's funny thinking about it now!

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    Feb 2006
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    LOL, sounds like you had fun!

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    Oct 2004
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    Had that one a few times. Have been very thankful for the baby change tables in actual toilets for those, as I was able to use the toilet paper to do the major clean up and save the wipes for the final clean.

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    Jul 2008

    and i am now re-thinking which nappy bag i will get to make sure it has enough room for everything required for a major clean-up operation!!