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    Default learning to count

    not sure if this is the right place to post, but out lil girl is learning to count, and it os just too cute!!!

    she knows 1 thru to seven, she has only said from 3-7 in the right order once counting her fingers in the car, all by herself, or 123, Ootherwise, she will be counting her blocks/toys 'free, six, one, seben, two' ohh its so gorgeous, must make sure i get that on the video camera before she starts to say them in the right order!

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    Oh I love it! Well done Krystal!

    For the life of my I cannot recall Olivia starting to count, but Charlie is into it big time......(he has some hearing impairments, so is a bit late, but now he can hear better he is INTO IT! LOL!) He was counting eggs in a box the other day, and the look of surprise when he realised that there are numbers bigger than 10! LOL!

    And did you know.......there is a new number according to Charlie? Twenteen!

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    oh i love twenteen!! well, if u think about it... i can see how that makes sense in a kids mind!!

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    Seth does the SAME thing He can count up to 10 now, and whenever he gets to 10 he claps and cheers himself. Its absolutely gorgeous Paris used to say twenteen too! Must be logical to them!

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