thread: Learning to crawl- chapped knees!

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    Mar 2008
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    Learning to crawl- chapped knees!

    In the last two days, Peter has discovered the joy of forward movement. Its still a pretty uncoordinated kind of movement- a cross between a commando crawl and a giant worm thing together with a lot of leg kicking swim movement and foot scrabbling thrown in.

    Anyhow, by tonight his poor little knees were SO red with a kind of carpet/ floorboard burn. I ended up putting nappy rash cream on them after his bath! If he continues this way they will be really very sore by this time tomorrow.

    Is there anything I can or should be doing? I feel like the poor little man needs knee guards!

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    You can actually get knee guards

    Maybe something like some babylegs (huggalugs whatever....) which are just legwarmers for kids (google them, there are LOADS of places to buy them online) to create some extra padding? even under a pair of trousers or whatever he has on?

    I think they get used to it pretty soon I guess it depends on your flooring too.

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    There's a brand of knee guards called Tee Knees. I haven't tried them - leggings were enough for us (tile and carpet)

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    Mar 2008
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    Just wanted to share my fun find- today I found a couple of pairs of thick, long socks I had that were a bit worn around the toe/heel. I cut them off at the ankle and threw away the foot bit and used the 'tube' as a little knee "leg warmer". They worked great! I even put them over his pants- poor kid looked like a read dag