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Thread: Life like looking baby dolls?

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    Default Life like looking baby dolls?

    Hi All

    Anyone out there know where I can get those real life looking baby dolls from? The ones that come with no clothes on, about the size of a newborn and you can choose the skin colour and sex?

    I used to have access to a toy catalogue company that sold them, they supply to childcare centres and schools but can't remember the name of them. Anyone know their name?

    Many thanks.

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    Hey, check out modernteachingaids they have the dolls you are talking about, both bald and with hair and all the different colours You can also get clothes for them too. I have ordered through them before, but they may get narky and say no personal orders, but they will do it if you pay via credit card or cash, they just wont set up an account for you. HTH

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