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Thread: Like the opposite to tongue tie?

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    Question Like the opposite to tongue tie?

    Hi all, I was going to post this under 'medical conditions', but that's the thing, really - I don't know if it is.
    Recently I've noticed that the piece of skin that connects Bethany's top lip to her gum is quite low, like it connects right where the front teeth connect to the gum, if that makes sense? It almost seems to pull down the inside of her lip a little bit if she gives a big smile.
    As I said, I've only just noticed recently, after she took a tumble and bruised her mouth so I guess it was a bit more noticeable, but for all I know it could have always been this way.
    Has anyone else seen this? Is it likely to grow out?
    I took B to the docs yesterday but she really didn't seem to know (but said there wasn't any need to worry til her second teeth come through around 7 if at all), so she has faxed a referal through to rch who will contact me.
    Apparently it could take up to a year to get an appointment and I'd hate to think of this impacting her tooth development or something?
    Any advice would be great.

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    Lara - I' not realy sure but I took both my kids to the dentist recently and he said they both have this (I'd never noticed LOL!) and it can mean later on that they get a bit of a gap between their front teeth. Not sure if they actually do anything about it though. Let me know how you go!

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    Maybe take her to a paediatric (or regular) dentist, ans they'd be more liekly to be able to give you an idea of whether it would have any impact etc, or whether theres anything you can do about it.

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    Shannon mentioned that her daughter had this in a tongue-tie thread. She had it operated on.
    Here's the link

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    I have a gap between my two front teeth and always have. It's good luck.

    If you have a gap, it means you will always have money. Even when I was really dirt poor (at Uni) I always seemed to be able to find $5 somewhere. So, I believe it.

    May everyone have a gap in their two front teeth!! :-))

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