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    Hi Girls ,

    I have just noticed recently that Kaitlyn is getting all her words but still has a lisp when she pronounces her "s" words?.

    I have read this is normal as sometimes children dont get the "s" until they are 3yrs old . But I have also heard long term Dummy sucking ( Kaitlyn has one for bed and the car only) can also cause it.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    DD has just turned 3 and still struggles with 's', 'sh', and 'th' sounds, but she has never had a dummy either.

    We break the words down for her when we hear her mispronouncing her words and we try and make it fun (if it looks like she just isn't into it at that moment we simply leave it)For example, this is how she says, "I am singing to myself" ....."I am tinging to my-telf" and when I repeat back to her that second sentence, she corrects me!!! So in her head, she must think it sounds correct

    We say things like, what noise does a snake make and she says, sssssssssss. Or how do we get baby to sleep by saying, shhh shhhh. We try and relate the sounds to noises etc that she already knows and then help her create the word. Some words she has picked up on quickly but those three sounds that I mentioned are on going training.

    I think she'll get it in the end at her own pace. I'm worried that if I force her and demand of her then it will actually push back her development rather than assist it.


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