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Thread: Long haul flight with 15 month old!

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    Default Long haul flight with 15 month old!

    24 hours on a plane with a 15 month old, GULP! Im freaking out a little. I'm flying back home to Australia (From Germany) in May with Ben, alone. Dh has to work and will meet us a few weeks later. Anyway, im desperate for advice from parents who might have experienced flying alone with a 1 year old (LONG FLIGHTS!! "lap child"). Ben will be 15 months old when we fly.

    We are flying with Emirates, and I'm guessing Ben will be too big for the bassinet (length 75cm, max weight 11kg). Sooo, should i stick with requesting a bulkhead seat? I read that this might not be a good idea because the arm rests are fixed, meaning if there is an empty seat next to me I can't flip them up. But there is more leg room, and Ben can play (and/or sleep) on the floor.

    ANY advice would be most appreciated (things to bring etc...).

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    Kaydee - I think you'll find they won't let him sleep or play on the floor. I know the aussie airlines can be very particular about kids playing around on the floor and definitely no sleeping. No particular advice but to say I did it with a 8 month old and it wasn't too bad. If you are expecting a kids meal or baby food or anything, confirm reconfirm and reconfirm cause no matter how often we got it confirmed when it came to the flights ours weren't there. True the bulkhead seats do have fixed arms so if you don't want the bassinet even just having the ability to lie across your lap and onto a spare seat. Ask at checkin whether the flights full and if not ask them to block a seat beside you (sometimes they don't think of these things).

    Good luck with it all Will come back if I think of anything else

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    Personally I wouldnt have a bulkhead seat with a child of that age as when they see all the "space" they will just want to get out of their seat. I prefer to be "enclosed" as they then cant go far but it is squashier for you.

    We travelled Perth-Hawaii when Gabriella was 18 months old and are going to Europe in August when Alex will be 14 months old. Personally we have chosen each time to pay for an additional seat for them as at that age (unless they are small) they really do get too heavy to be on your lap the whole time. Also there is never a guarantee that there will be spare seats.

    Sultanas work wonders with little toddlers on flights as it takes them forever to get thru. Snacks, snacks and more snacks is what I recommend as well as some new toys/books/colouring in and a couple of familiar things too.

    I would also recommend perhaps putting a spare shirt in your nappy change bag for yourself as inevitably you will end up covered in food or drink, especially if he is sitting on your lap.

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    We travelled to Vietnam when DS was 15 months old.....

    We got an overnight flight to Singapore where he slept most of the way. He was ok in the bassinette - not too big for it. then a couple of hours at Singapore airport - we let him run around and burn off energy - then he napped on the next flight.

    I'd still request the bulkhead even if you think he'l be too big for the bassinette. It'll be good to have a little xtra room to get in and out when he wants to go for a wander.

    Can I just add that one of my fondest memories of the trip to Vietnam was when DS spent agood part of a two hour flight wandering up and down the aisle (DH following) giving everyone high 5's and then giving everyone high 5's as we got off the plane

    Oh, and be prepared to be totally wiped out when the journey finishes. If you can get someone to be able to babysit or play with your child when the journey finishes. You'll need the rest

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    Charlie will be 15 months when we fly to Cairo. It'll be a 5 hour flight to S'pore, then 12 hours transit, then 18 hours to Egypt. I didn't even think that he might be too big for the bassinet! Now I'm panicking!

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