thread: Lotions, Creams, etc For Baby

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    Lotions, Creams, etc For Baby

    Hi Ladies

    I`m getting myself really confused as to what lotions, creams etc I need for bubs - I go looking at them in the shops and get so confused as to what I really do need I walk out without anything, so if you could tell me what you use on your baby I`d really appreciate it.

    Take Care


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    I never go past Johnsons Top to Toe lotion. Great for the newborns etc as it doesn't sting eyes etc.

    Also I can't go past Johnsons Milk Bath. Smells divine


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    I didn't use anything on DS until his bum went a bit red. Zinc & Castor oil cream is excellent for sore bums and easy on the wallet too!
    Welcome to the world of WAY too much choice! I bought a Jurlique baby care pack (exxy, but lasted a long time) for when he was very little.

    Anyway, if you can't decide - check out the bounty bags, you should get one in hospital, there are samples galore.

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    I find the creams and lotions that are chemical free are the best.
    Aromababy is really good. I also got a fantastic lotion from the NEWays company made out of seeds and nuts - it was the only thing that worked on Aidyn's cradle cap.

    A lot of people seem to swear by Bepanthen for nappy rash cream as well.

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    Great post - I was wondering the same thing myself!

    Has anyone tried the innoxa brand stuff? I don't know whether to go all out and get the expensive stuff, or stick with good ol' J&J. I have heard that J&J can cause some sort of allergic reaction in some newborns though? Is this just a myth? Anyone else heard this?

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    Juliette, I think I`ve heard that about J & J too but like you not sure if it`s a myth or not, there is a family heredity of excema in the family so it would be great if someone knew the truth about J & J.

    Ambah - I was thinking about Aromababy, due to it being all natural.

    Is the Neways company on the net? I might do a search for it. and find out.

    Take Care


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    i love the J & J range however there are quite a few chemicals in them. with lani i used a mixture as a newborn the j & j range, aromababy and also gaia - i loved the gaia stuff.

    lani has had a bit of a rash on her tummy and back - could be viral, could be exema or just sensitive skin (still investigating lol) anyway the last few weeks have been using the boring QV wash cause of this but it has no smell - bit of a shame cause i just looooove the smell of a freshly washed yummy baby. i was in the chemist last week and there is a new range out totally natural not an ounce of chemicals and they have stuff like lavender and rose etc - can't remember the name sorry. i will post it if i remember, i will be buying it soon and trying it so i will let you know.

    good luck it is a minefield out there lol

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    Melinda Guest

    We started off using the J&J Milk Bath (smells divine) but Jacob developed some small patches of eczema, so now we don't use anything like this on his skin as a precaution.

    We use the QV Bath Oil in the bath water to ensure that his skin stays hydrated (as simply having a bath can dehydrate the skin) and then use baby sorbolene on his skin twice a day as an additional measure to keep his skin hydrated. When his eczema flares up, we use special prescription cream for this as well.

    We use something called "Botty Butter" on his bottom most of the time which is made by a Tasmanian company called "Beauty and the Bees" and it's really lovely and gentle. If he happens to get a bit rashy (which is rare, but it has happened whilst he's been teething) I have found the J&J Nappy Rash Treatment Cream to be quite good, but I only use it when there is a problem, not all the time....again, due to the eczema factor.

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    Aug 2004

    Ooh - I'm lucky I didn't buy anything today! I was eyeing up the J&J stuff in Target, and liek Deeane, walked out without buying anything. Phew!

    After reading what you guys have written, I'm thinking of trying the Gaia stuff. One of the pharmacies around the corner sells it, so maybe thats a good place to go.

    As for the basic list, is this sort of what we need?

    Baby oil
    Bath gel/soap/milk type stuff

    And then the other creams if rashes develop?


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    Olive Oil can replace the baby oil if needed. What is baby oil anyway??Extra Virgin, of course.

    LMAO on the botty butter, thats priceless!!
    Don't get sucked in by the organic (or whatever) baby powder. Its only cornflour, and I've seen it go for up to $8 a packet.
    Cornflour is excellent, I use it for DS, do yourself a favour and get it from the supermarket for 99c .
    I use cornflour to avoid the anti-caking agents in other talcums.

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    We only use dermaveen on Jack. A couple of drops in his bath and we also use it on his hair. The J&J products were creating a mess on his face (he has a little excema(?)) the chemists daughter has the same problem so they recommended us to use this. Apparently all the chemicals in the soaps/shampoos/baby baths were stripping his skin of it's natural moisturisers and making the problem worse. This could just be the one case (two actually, if you count his daughter!)

    On his bum we use canestan if he has nappy rash and curash nappy rash powder. On his face and body (when needed) we use Dermeze ointment which was developed by the pharmacists at the royal childrens hospital in melbourne.

    Thats about all we use!

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Fi,

    I'd go so far as to say you probably don't need most of those things you mentioned....perhaps just two or three things!! You really don't need a great deal IYKWIM?

    You can use sorbolene or baby oil for moisturising or massaging baby pre/post bath, so I'd suggest one of those, and if you want to use some kind of soap-type product, then one of those too....perhaps something like the top-to-toe product that Kathryn mentioned, which can be used on the hair as well. We have used the QV Kids Wash which is a non-soap based product.

    I've never had to use powder on Jacob at all. Basically what I have is:

    QV Bath Oil
    Baby Sorbolene (J&J)
    Botty Butter
    J&J Nappy Rash Treatment Cream

    Bearing in mind I only use the Nappy Rash Cream if he has a little red bum, otherwise I just use the botty butter as a bit of a barrier type of thing, and I use the sorbolene to keep the little eczema patches at bay. A lot of people like to give their babies a little massage either before or after their bath, and the sorbolene or baby oil can be really good for that. You don't really need anything that has fragrances and things in it as they have the potential to aggravate the skin as we found out!! They smelt SOOO good though and I miss him smelling so scrummy from certain products, but I'd much prefer him to have nice healthy skin!

    So all in all, probably just get 2 or 3 basic things and see how you go from there? I know we bought OODLES of products and didn't end up using most of them!!

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    Thanks Tootie,
    Thats exactly the sort of advice I was after!! Another thing crossed off the list.
    And great tip on the cornflour. I guess we expect it to be special stuff, but its not is it?
    Baby oil is chemically different to olive oil as far as I know. Baby oil is derived from petrochemicals I believe, whereas olive oil would be vegetable based.
    You can really get caught up in buying stuff hey? Better just to wait and see..... If I need some nappy rash cream, I guess Ill go out and buy it!


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    This has been an interesting topic as I have started buying lotions when I go shopping.

    I was told that Baby Oil is not recommended as if it is inhaled it can cause respiratory problems. Not sure exactly what the problem is and I am going to do some research on the net.

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    Melinda Guest

    Jacob's pedeatrician told us to put some baby oil in his bath or massage it into his skin to hydrate his skin Gemma, so perhaps it is ok?

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    We used on Matilda when she was first born;

    alpha keri oil in the bath
    QV washes
    body shop vitamen E wash.

    I have a "thing" with J&J. I now use curash wash in the bath & nappy rash lotion. I use baby massage oil for her massage at night before bed. :-k trying to think what else we use.... mainly that, and heaps and heaps of wipes! Mainly we use the curash ones. But we have used Amolin products in the past too.

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    Yep baby oil is a by-product of petroleum, and can actually pull moisture out of their skin. I don't know why they are allowed to sell it.
    Olive oil is the way to go, but you only really need it if the skin is dry (overdue bubs can get a little cooked!), very good for cradle cap too.

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    Yes baby oil is simply mineral oil and does no good for the skin. It can't sink into the pores and I have heard it could be toxic.
    I am not a fan of J&J - they are very chemical based.

    Cold pressed olive oil or sweet almond oil is the way to go if you want all natural skin care for bubs.