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    Default Low weight gain

    I took Charlotte to see my health nurse as she was not really wanting to eat solids and i wanted to make sure she was still gaining enough weight ( she normally gains about 45grms a month) but this time she only gained 170 grams over a 5 week peroid, and at 7 months she weighs 6.865 kgs.

    She is still not that interested in foods and I am trying to give her 2 meals a day, breakfast which is normally farex ( the 6 month one) and for dinner is normally some apples/ pears mixed with farex she will only eat a tiny bit for breakfast as i do not want to forss( spel) to eat, she is having around 5-7 b/f a day.

    My health nurse said to try and give her foods before a b/f, but I thought that bm is still so important that they should be having that first. Should I just contuine with what i am doing or should i try and give her some more solids, like introduce lunch to her.

    Also my health nurse that the ABA now recomeds that you introduce solids at 7-8 months of age.

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    hi, same boat, in last mnth DS only put on about 80grams per week (he is 5mnths) my MCHN has suggested to start him on rice cereal, so we will see how he is at the 6mnth check up...

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    i am in a simialar boat. i have been told my dd weight gain has reduced because she started solids.......

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    My DD has been slow gaining weight too. AT birth she was 4.2kg and now at ten months she is just over 7.5kg. She has been on solids since 7months (we started a bit late cause of allergy risk). I was told that as long as you can see that they are happy and look healthy, are still getting good amounts of wet and pooy nappies, and are gaining some weight, to not worry too much. Also the weight gain seems to slow down a bit once they become more active eg rolling, crawling etc. DD started rolling at 3 months, crawling at 6months and standing at 9 months, and she never stops moving. Its no wonder she doesn't gain much weight, she is buring it all off quickly.
    She also has only just started on 3 meals a day, with snacks every now and again, and bfs about 4 times a day and 3 times over night.
    KMH.. I think charlotte is doing fine. Maybe keep trying different foods, Abbey liked pumpkin and sweet potato mixed, until you find something she likes. I would still bf first and then offer solids about an hour or so later, and maybe try at different times of the day.


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    Jack was exactly the same. He had little interest in solids until about 8 months and even then was slow to take to them. He was also very active so dropped from the top of the charts to the bottom. Not a single GP, health nurse, paed or paed dietician we saw was at all concerned as he was very healthy. Now at 2, he is eating like a champion. Some kids are just slower to take to it then others. And usually the kids that are slower to take to it are bf bubs - I believe that's bcos they are getting what they need from the bm.

    I strongly recommend you continue to offer bm first, as you are right, this is still more important than food. At about 12 months you can start to offer the food first.

    Also remember that the growth rate has to slow down. Otherwise they would weigh more than us in no time! Jack doubled his birth weight in 3 months. If he'd done that every 3 months he would have weighed more than me by his first birthday!

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    Cooper just had his 7 month check up and his weight gain slowed down a bit to about 82 grams per week. Although the MCHN said 85 grams per week is average at this age. He's still a decent size though - 8.6 kgs. He was gaining a lot of weight in the early months.

    I mentioned that Cooper wasn't the best eater and that I started him on solids just after 6 months. She seemed surprised that he didn't "get it". I said he's getting better though. She suggested offering solids before BF now but I'm not so sure. A book I have says to offer BFs first up until 10 months and then switch it around.

    So I'm going to continue with BFs before solids. I am offering solids 3 times per day and Cooper does eat a bit, but not much. But at least he's getting the idea that food is part of his day now. I don't force him or anything. Some days he eats better than others.

    But I guess my story is a little different to yours. I'm not worrying about Cooper's weight gain in relation to solids. Just about him getting the hang of it!!!

    I'm sure Charlotte's doing fine. Just keep offering and keep the BFs up!

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