thread: Major sleep issues

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    Astrid, she may have reflux - when she was at the breastfeeding clinic was she feeding alot? Of course if their tummies are too full, they will overflow, into the mouth which is acidic and could irriate her - as well as being hot... definitely try the upright thing - roll up a couple of towels and place them under the head of her mattress in order to help with the reflux a little - but she sounds a little unhappy and who wouldn't be from having boob shoved into their mouth despite being uncomfortable with it (and mum too!)

    I had the same problem with my two who were little babies - all the midwives would try and shove my boob into their mouths and they were just so tiny they couldn't get it all in. I followed my own instinct with Elijah though and it was much better - ignored all those telling me to shove more boob in. He's a big boy - put on stacks of weight before he was even discharged! If you get really stuck, let me know and I can recommend some fantastic, gentle lactation consultants - Pinky is one now too.

    Kelly xx

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    O gosh, Astrid. Sounds to me like they didn't really help you at the BFing clinic - rather they have just added to your worries.
    When Gabby was 3 weeks old, I went to see a lactation specialist at a day stay program here in Geelong. I can safely say I walked out of there feeling 1000 times worse and feeling like I knew even less about what I was doing. It was aweful. They were trying to tell me that Gabby had finished draining the boob after 5 minutes when, previously, she had taken 45 minutes to feed. It left me in limbo and doubting that I was doing the right things.
    Why did they say that the Avent bottles were to blame? It was my impression that they were one of the best bottles to use for BF babies. Gabby has been using Avent bottles since we left hospital and they haven't affected her attachment one way or the other. I really think it was nasty of them to tell you something like that because it only makes you feel like you should blame yourself! That's not what you need right now.
    Gabby didn't take a hek of a lot of the boob into her mouth when she was little (and it's so horrible when they try to shove more in than they can manage). As she got bigger, she got better at taking more in. Now I don't have to attach her - she does it all on her own - I just have to point her head in the right direction, LOL.
    I am with Kelly. It sounds like your baby may have reflux - I would definitely get your GP to check it out. I found that putting phone books under the legs of one end of the cradle raised it up just nicely for when Gabby was sleeping. She didn't suffer from reflux but it helped with wind when she was really little. She's in her big cot now and doesn't need one end raised anymore.

    After feeling good about having her fully breastfed for about 4 weeks and getting my supply back up, they thought that her weight gain was not quite enough and warned me that if she does not start attaching better that my supply would dry up.
    I really don't know why the "experts" do this to new mothers. If you baby is weeing and pooing ok, is happy and alert and doing most of the things that babies do at their age then they are happy and healthy and getting enough to eat. If your baby is putting on weight, that's great! How they figure it's not "enough" is beyond me. I would be more worried if she stopped altogether or if she lost weight.
    I had a similar thing happen to me just a couple of months ago. Gabby had put on weight but not "enough". Even though she was sleeping, playing and feeding better than ever, I was made to feel like she was being deprived. Automatically the nurse jumped to the conclusion that my supply was low. When you are someone that has doubted your supply all along, the mere suggestion is enough to work you up into a frenzy.
    Thankfully chatting to some of the awesome ladies on this site helped me realise that perhaps I needed to ignore the nurse as her advice was far from constructive.
    As hard as it is to do, it helps to filter out the negative things that add doubt to your mind that you are doing the right things. Listen to your baby. She will tell you if she is hungry or unhappy. Hungry babies don't settle or play very well (and they certainly don't put on weight if they are starving or if your milk is drying up). You have managed to boost your supply so you know all the things you need to do in order to keep that supply flowing. You are doing a great job!!

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    I don't think I have a supply problem at all. I had to express the other morning due to sore breasts (they actually woke me up!) and managed to express over 160ml in 10 minutes with the Avent hand pump.

    I think the MCHNs and lactation consultants have an issue with mothers spending any money (unless the money is spent hiring a breast pump). Avent seems expensive compared to some brands. As far as I am concerned I can spend my money on what I want to, I also don't make expensive purchases lightly. Their attitude can be quite condescending, sometimes they act like mothers are idiots, especially when the mother disagrees with them (as with using Avent). It's funny they say they can't recommend particular brands for bottles, formula etc, but they seem to be vocal for their dislike of certain brands. They really seem to dislike the Avent pump. I think the pump is great for occasional expressing. I am sure I can express more with it than with the super duper electric pump that you can only hire and it goes in the microwave steraliser unlike the attachements to the hire pump. What it is not good for is expressing 6 times a day, I really stuffed my wrist and was in a lot of pain until I managed to hire the electric pump.

    Thanks for you post Debbie-Lee, it is good to know I was not alone in my BF'ing clinic experience. Also thank you to everybody else that has posted, it has all been most helpful.