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    Question Meal times

    What routine do you have at meal times ?
    Do you have the kids eat a big lunch at lunch time or just a snack ?

    We always eat as a family in the evenings at about 5-5:30pm it just depends on what i cook and when DH gets home.
    I always give them something light for lunch and a main meal in the evenings.

    My step mum was saying my sister gives her kids there main meal at lunch time and then a snack in the evening. It's got me thinking if i am doing everything wrong and should be feeding them more at lunch time and getting them to bed before we have our evening meal. But then i think it won't be till nearly 8pm before we get to eat. I also like the idea of us all eating as a family as we never did it much as kids other than at the weekend.

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    We always have a light lunch and the kids have their main meals for tea...I like the family thing too,and i would miss it if we didnt all sit down to tea together...
    For us it is just the kids and i when DP is on afternoon shift,but for the other 2 out of 3 weeks we sit down at about 6pm for tea...
    I agree with what you do anyway,and i wouldnt want to change it to the other way around...

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    I agree with Suzie - you should just do it the way you want to. We really enjoy our mealtimes as a family in the evenings. The only time we don't all eat together is when we've got visitors coming over for dinner - then we usually feed Charlie first and eat once he's asleep. I don't think there's any right or wrong way to do it. When Charlie was younger he used to happen to eat better at lunchtime so I fed him more then. As he's gotten older, he's fine at anytime so we switched his bigger meal to dinner. Whatever works for you - don't let anyone make you feel like you should change just because someone does it differently to you.

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    We have a light lunch of sandwiches or maccaroni or cheese etc (The girls and I), then a main meal at night where we all sit together between 6-6.30. If DH is late, we will eat and then he has his tea later on. I think it is a great time for us all to catch up on the day.

    Dh's mother cooks lunch and tea and they don't have sandwiches at all - so DH hates sandwiches for lunch and will rarely have them, which makes it hard for me on weekends - so then I will cook something for him, but we still have sandwiches.

    Maybe it is easier for your sister to do it that way and she is not rushed at night cooking a meal and getting kids ready for bed IYKWIM? If we have a roast Lunch on a sunday - then we have a light tea that night, but most of the time it is light lunch + main meal at night. Do whatever you feel is easier.

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    It's more convenient, I think, to let them have a light lunch (ie sandwiches etc) and a bigger meal at dinner time, only because once they start school they won't be having cooked lunches there (unless they buy their lunch from the canteen every day).

    It's personal choice, really, although the "experts" say we should really have our biggest meal at lunch time, but it's not really convenient for most people to be cooking huge meals in the middle of the day, especially when kids are at school and DH's are working etc - who wants to cook a huge meal just for themself?

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