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Thread: Medihoney??

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    Default Medihoney??

    I am a little confused I was told honey was dangerous for babies but now I have been given a sample of Medihoney nipple balm and I was wondering what the difference is? I thought honey contained botulism spores can anyone shed some light for me?

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    Hey sweetness.

    I haven't heard of it in a nipple balm before, but I have used medicated honey cream for lachlan's dermitis/eczema when he was a baby and it worked really well. Never heard of honey being dangerous for that matter LMAO.


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    I would be asking a doctor or chemist, because i too have heard honey is bad for kids until they are about 3 or 4yo.

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    My SIL used honey to heal her cracked nipples in the early days - it might be the same product.
    Maybe use it, but defintly remove it all before offering bb to baby? At least until you can get a qualified opinion on it.
    I still haven't given Jenna honey - its the only thing she's got left to eat, and I though you were supposed to leave it til 2 or so.

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    Kathryn, a doc told me not to give a baby under 12mnths Honey as it contains Botulism spores. I questioned it when Deanna was a bub as I saw it on an episode of ER... heee heee

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