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    Hi, just wondering if anyone uses cellular blankets on top of their sleeping bags. i would hate to think that DS(7mnths ) could get tangled in one, that is why we are using the sleeping bags in the 1st place.

    His nursery si set at about 18-20degrees, we ahve a Nobo heater

    To bed, he wears , sincglet, a bonds wondersuit, a flannelette PJ top, and then we have his 2.5 tog sleeping bag,, do you think he also needs a blanket on

    I have just been rading Tizzie Halls website, and she recommends 4 blankets on the babies as well as sleeping bag- wow, what do u guys think...

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    I think it's recommended that you don't use blankets with a sleeping bag and certainly 4 blankets seems excessive unless the room is freezing cold... I don't think I'd be following that advice! If you put your hand under his clothes against his chest or tummy how does he feel? If he feels warm then he should be fine.

    We keep K's room at around 20 deg (have found out thru trial & error that's what he prefers) and he wears a bodysuit & short sleeved PJs to bed under his 2.5 tog sleeping bag and he always feels nicely warm.

    (BTW we are in Tassie so the weather would probably be similar).
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    blankets are definitely not recommended as well as sleeping bags.

    DS wears flanellet pjs (no singlet) under is 2.5 grobag if its 18-20deg, and even this is "overdressed" according to the recommendations, but he has always needed that extra bit of warmth.

    You are always better to dress more warmly under the sleeping bag than put anything on top.

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    Ive been worried about this too given Melbourne weather.I have a couple of grobags and plan on using those (one at a time ;-)with the recommended amount underneath. My sister told me if bub is cold they will wake up and let you know? which is better that too hot IYKWIM Can I ask what a Nobo heater is? Im planning on getting a heater for the nursery too - should get onto that!

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