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    DS is in a sleeping bag (1 tog) anyhow the last few nughts havent been that warm.. Just wondering what their abbies are wearing to bed, i think we may not have enough on bubs... he has a singlet. and then a wondersuit, another long sleave top over wondersuit.. then his sleeping bag.. Does anyone know if target sell flannelette pjamas in size 00... these may keep him warmer...

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    last night milo slept in a long sleeve, legless bodysuit, no single and a .05 tog growbag. but it was 21-24 in his room.

    Are you going by the forcast temp, or the actual room temp?

    Have you checked out the grobag dot com website for the clothing/tog recommendations for certain room temps? Will post them later if no one else does, gotta go !

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    Chelsea sleeps in a Wondersuit, no singlet every night... and she wakes up so hot. her room is always a nice temp...dunno what tho...but she sleeps well in it.

    Where do u buy sleeping bags from any how? Ive never seen any in shops!

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    Maggie - Marley sleeps in a 2.5 tog grobag. She usually has a growsuit and singlet. Tonight being a bit warmer she has on short pjamas (tshirt and shorts). If it gets really warm like it will on the weekend, I don't put her in the grobag. I think they do sell 00 pyjamas at Best and Less, Myer, David Jones. Sounds like you have enough on her though and if he isn't waking up during the night, he might be oK.

    Kimbaz - they sell the grobags at some baby outlets and David Jones. You can also order online. There are other sleeping bags available at most other stores but the grobags are definately the best.

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    I know Sydney is probably a little different but we've been using the 0.5 tog lately, has been that warm.. either we put on his Bonds singlet bodysuit or a short sleeve body suit.
    But if its that cold there, you could always go up to the 2.5 tog?

    You can also get them at Babyco and Babies Galore.. the Grobags are a little expensive but i feel they are worth it.. especially now that Jesse pulls blankets over his head when he is given them!

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    Last night Blake slept in a 1.0 tog bag with a short sleeve pajama top and a nappy on. He seems to sleep better when he's dressed on the cooler side. If he's feeling cold when I go to bed I'll throw a light blanket over him. Sure blankets and grobags dont mix but I'm not waking him to change his bag!

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    Amy generally wears a 2.5tog Grobag every night as the ducted roof heating & cooling generally keeps the house at the same temp. Her room is normally 21 degrees. She has been wearing light long sleeve and pants PJs and sometimes a flannelette top over the top of the PJ top. Last night she had long sleeve top no pants and she woke up cold so DH put another top on her. We have started to use a blanket or light wrap type thing as a blanket during the day to transition her to a big bed where she will have to have a doona for the first time. She has been in Grobags her whole life.

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    Default Sleeping Bags

    I used to put my kids in a sleeping bag by Curly Tops. They had a nice thin one for summer which stopped my kids kicking off the little sheet that was on them. Also stopped them getting their legs stuck in the slats.

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