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Thread: Mild case of Rubella

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    Default Mild case of Rubella

    Emma had a fever from Thursday night to Sunday. It was awful - first time ever - so it was quite emotionally draining as well Anyway, it wasn't severe & we got it down by Sunday. Then yesterday I saw a rash all over her back! :eek: Scary!!! Took her to the Dr who said her glands were up a bit so it was 'probably' just a mild case of rubella. He seemed unfazed & didn't give me much info, just said she'd be fine in a few days.

    So I have decided we are both housebound for a few days *wahhh* to potect others.

    Does anyone have any more info they can give me?

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    I think roseola is in the same virus family of rubella... I know when I had contact with roseola during pregnancy the GP checked my rubella immunity and told me I'd be fine. HTH!

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