thread: MMR controversy

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    Jan 2005
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    I believe that as long as the parent has looked into it and made the decision they feel is right for their child, without feeling pressured into it or doing something just because its what you are 'supposed' to do , then they have made the right choice. I am a bit of an odd one, my first child is not immunised at all, but this one will be. I am still looking into delaying immunisation, there have been studies done that show a link between delaying immunisation and reducing cot death, which are pretty interesting.

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    Jun 2005
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    My DH never really has an opinion on child raising, but he suprised me by making a big noise about not having the MMR. Eliza has had all her other injections up to this point and had no adverse reaction. Problem is I don't want to dismiss this as nothing and go ahead on vacinate..(what if there was some reaction) I could never live with myself.
    I suppose we have 6 months to research.