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    Hi All

    When I went to my Paed at the 6 week check up, he told me that Madeleine had a moderate flat head on the right side. He wanted me to train her to start using her left side when she slept and she has been doing that every night for the past few weeks. She is almost 11 weeks old now.

    I am a little worried as after her bath tonight, I noticed her head on the right side was still quite flat and there is a small ridge heading up to the top of her head. I am a first time Mum and worry about everything!

    Should I be worried though or will it correct itself if she is now sleeping on her left side?

    My DP's friend said their boy had to wear a helmet when he was older!! I hope Madeleine doesn't have to.

    Can anyone offer any opinions/suggestions?

    Thanks so much.

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    My DD had a flat spot my MCHN referred us to a paed physio. Through her advice and exercises we have been able to correct the problem. DD had a flat spot because she couldn't turn her head in 1 direction therefore always slept looking the same direction.

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    Hi Bindy,

    At Sams 3 months check up, the nurse told us too that Sams head seemed to be favouring one side, whilst her head wasnt flat, her neck seemed a little too stiff on one side. I knew what it was - she defn favoured one side when sleeping......
    I just had to get into a routine of swapping sides, or swinging the cradle around the other way, so she was lying on the side she wouldnt normally...

    Sams head is perfect now....sounds like your doing the same sorta steps.


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    Caty favoured her left side so much that after a while she coudl harldy turn her head to the right. I started bfeeding her whilst lyign down with my bb's always on her right side so she was had to turn that way. If she was feeding off my right bb then I turned her so her feet were pointing up to my head rather than her body lyign with mine if that makes sense?! Worked a treat and sorted her potential flat head out.


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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Thanks so much but I guess my main concern is now that she is favouring the other side and giving the right side a break, how long will the flat spot take to disappear?

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    My baby boy had a flat spot on one side. The nurse suggested changing his to sleep up the other end of the cot and it now has corrected itself. I think they normally do. He use to favour that side heaps too and now doesnt favour any side. I am sure that it will correct itself also. It took probably a month or so to see a change...

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    I work with a wonderful peadiatric chiropractor who deal with these problems all the time. She's just seen my 10 week old nephew and he's had wonderful results.

    Basically speaking, a lot of babies have neck problems from birth and deliveries that cause them to favour one side because of stiffness and pain. You can try and try as much as you like to get the to change sides etc but unless you have the neck problem addressed you wont have a lot of success

    My suggestion is to find a chiro or osteo or physio that specialises in babies and young children. By gently asjusting any problems there it will help baby be more comfortable turning his/ner neck and therefore not favour one side, and ultimatley help with the flat sides!

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    Thanks guys, like I've said previously, the Paed gave me suggestions on how to change her from favouring one side. She is now on the other side which is working well. But...there is still a flat spot on the side she had previously favoured since birth. So I was just wondering whethere anyone knows when the flat spot actually disappears?

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    Bindy - it takes a while for the flat spot to correct itself so give it a fair amount of time (months it took us for it to go completely) as the plates in the head will slowly adjust to the new sleeping arrangement and slowly even out flat spots. Keep doing what you are doing (if she has happily changed favouring sides - as dee said though some don't like to change due to neck stiffness etcwhich is another issue to deal with) and try not to panic (coming from a mum who feared her sons head would need to be sawed open in four places to rectify his shape - different issue for me). Remember you are looking for a change at first not complete resolution immediately if that makes sense. So if after the 5 weeks or so you've been doing it now you can see some small improvement that is good. Also realise now that someone has bought this to your attention you will be able to see it in her where others can't because you are looking for it even once it is considered normal - the joys of being a mum hey!
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    Jaspen, that's true, that the Paed has brought it to our attention. Thanks so much for your advice. She's not sleeping on the flat spot anymore so that's a bonus.

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